September 19th, 2003


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how fucking great is it that I'm bored enough to read random journals? Had I not been, I wouldn't have found this gem spawned from this and this. God, I love it when people take me too seriously or are morons with no reading comprehension. and I may be being too idealistic, but it would be even cooler if this were directed towards me. at least the bottom part.

chess club was teh roxxorz today. Nikki came in for like 2 seconds and signed up, and then went to the hospital with Courtney to see Michelle. I watched Kevin play some kid for a while and then played Ryan ralphaliscous. he came into my work today, and I called him Ralph [username. duh.] because I'm a complete idiot, but he didn't see/hear me. he left without buying any pizza. jerk.

· Latin Club is pretty sweet
· I have an A in Geometry [w00t]
· I'm joining information society again. I hope it's still predominantly gifted people. not that we're snobs [haha, what am I saying?].
· My mom backed out of taking me to Inkredible Ink tonight. big surprise. she's taking me on Monday or something.
· I really, really miss Ghandi.
· I finally bought the Mars Volta cd instead of listening to shit online

and that is all