September 1st, 2003


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"We did it to each other; it was fun. Now we do it at his house, my house, everywhere. Oral sex rules!"

I think it's hilarious that fourth graders make out. even more hilarious that thirteen-year-olds have oral. and I'm being dead serious.

I went to Petland earlier and looked around while my mom was in Publix. It's so sad that the animals with the most character come from there. I went into the room with the kittens and like 5 of them came up to me and started rubbing up against me. I sat down on my heels and this adult Siamese cat crawled onto my back and started rubbing his nose against my left ear. Then two Persian kittens decided to lay down in my lap. They kept trying to climb onto my shoulders. They were adorable, but I would never buy another animal from Petland or any other pet store.

I made more than half of my entries private. and I'm going friends-only again. comment and I'll add you.
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