August 30th, 2003


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a pit bull got into my yard this morning and mauled Ghandi. he's sitting laying there on the porch. next to a bench, with his blood smeared all over the concrete.
one of our other cats was with him, and my dad thinks the dog took into his yard with him.
I've puked three times this morning already.

I just got dressed and I'm going over there. with a baseball bat. I'm gonna kill that dog. I don't care if I have to steal my dad's gun to do it.
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I went over to the pitbull owner's house earlier. My neighborhood's pretty funny. there's this one section of the street over that's predominantly white trash -- furniture in the front yard, cars on concrete blocks, trash everywhere. If you were to look at the rest of the houses in my neighborhood you wouldn't you believe that hicks like that actually lived here. Guess where the pitbull is from.
But anyway, when I was walking up the driveway, this bucktoothed kid that was playing outside saw me and ran inside. I knocked on the door and he answered.
him: "What?"
me: "Are your parents home?"
him: "No, what do you want?"
me: "Do you have a pitbull?"
him: "Why?"
me: "Do you have a pitbull?"
him: "Yeah, why?"
me: "You tell your parents that if he ever gets out again, I'll bash his fucking skull in wi--"
him: "Hang on, lemme get my mom."
He disappears. A blonde [not real, of course] middle aged woman wearing a disgusting pink nightie comes to the door.
her: "Yeah?"
me: "Your dog mauled my cat this morning."
her: "What?"
me: "If I ever see him again, I'll kill him and paint your fucking front door with his blood."
her: "He was inside all day, and he's not even mine[wtf?]."
me: "He wasn't inside at 7:00 this morning."
I started walking off.
her: "...[I wasn't listening]....he killed my cat, too--"
me: "fuck you."

and that was that. I really hope he gets out again. my dad said that tonight he'd be waiting in our backyard for that dog to get out again. he's gonna shoot the bastard if it shows up. explanation

and my dad found PB [other cat]. alive.