July 21st, 2003


(no subject)

So Mike, Becca, Clara, and I were supposed to chill today, but Mike got called into work so it ended up just being Becca, Clara, and I. They picked me up at around 4:15. Clara ran over a recycling bin as she was pulling out of my driveway and sent empty cans and bottles all over the street. It was so great. My dad watched the entire thing. After that little episode we went over to Loch Haven where Clara took a shit and joined Becca and I in a game of fooseball. Fooseball is seriously on my list of top-ten favorite activities, even though today was the first time I played it in a looooong time. After that, we went over to the dollar theater and decided to get our eyebrows [and in me and Clara's cases, our upper lips(shut up, we're spics)] waxed. I'd never gotten my upper lip done before, and I really don't know why I did it because now hair is gonna start growing there and I'll have to keep going back. Kind of like how even if you don't have a unibrow to begin with, if you get your eyebrows waxed then you'll start to see hair there. Yeah. So then we went over to Piccadilly and stuffed our faces and stole silverware. Actually, I was the only one who did it, but only because I needed something to eat my lemon meringue pie with in the car. Then we went over to Publix where I took pictures of Clara in a freezer and bought the latest Cosmo. Then we moseyed on over to College Park and picked up SARA JANE SELESKY, which is actually pretty funny because me and Clara hate her and I'm almost completely sure that she feels the same way about us. So we hung out at her house for a bit, and then left to go find other people. At a stoplight there was a pizza hut car in front of us, so I got out and asked her if she worked with someone named Mike Ferris, not really thinking that there was a chance of her knowing him. She ended up knowing who he was, so we followed her to Pizza Hut where Mike talked to us for a bit, made nametags for us [mine says Queerbait and it's on my phone], and gave me a pizza which I will go eat right in a few minutes. After that Clara dropped us all off. Zack asked me if I wanted to hang out tonight, but obviously that's not gonna happen since it's already 10:00 and I've heard nothing from him. We were supposed to play video games or something.

time for that pizza