July 9th, 2003


public post numero dos

Okay. So the other day (Saturday?) David came out to the beach and stayed until we left. [yesterday] Nikki came the day before he did. We had a wonderful time playing Super Nintendo (w00t), catching crabs, and playing truth or dare (::squeals::)! I made David eat sand, I had to put a ton of sand down my pants, and Nikki had to answer questions about her and Brandon's sexual escapades. Let me clear one thing up before I go on, though: putting sand down my boardshorts was not as fun as it may sound.
Between games of Donkey Kong and Zelda ("Zelda gay"), we really didn't do much of anything. We I got drunk on Saturday night, and we ended up watching Gangs of New York and walking on the beach. We saw a gargantuan turtle come up on the beach to lay eggs that night, and David decided to do fireworks for it. Good stuff. Then the next day (or was it the day after?) David and I were walking on the beach and we found a baby turtle trying to get in the water. He looked pretty fried, but we helped it get into the water, regardless of what his chances of survival were (slim to none).
It basically consisted of:
1. A ton of Postal Service
2. My dad calling me fat
3. Donkey Kong
4. Zelda
5. "Nigga you ain't no gangsta."
6. "Bo-shit."
7. Hilarious text messages to certain people (one who looks like a dinosaur)
8. Nikki eating food off of the ground
9. Naked fat chics
10. drunk dialing (and by dialing I mean text messaging) and losing everything that was never mine to begin with.
11. The anatomy of a lobster
12. Sex offenders on the beach
13. Hick weddings
14. Hick baptisms
15. Getting drunk
16. David's sweet ass
17. A ton of fireworks

chloroformkiss is a photojournal now! I un-added everyone who took me off when I got a new journal, so comment there if you wanna be re-added or whatever. You can find my beach pictures there whenever I get around to uploading the rest of them.

Oh, and I totally dominated my toilet for the first time in a week last night [two dulcolaxes, a fibercon, and a suppository (I had to stick that shit up my butt! I think I'm now ready for anal) later]. What is the fucking deal with my digestive system? My bowel movements are about as irregular as Nikki's showers. I think I'm gonna start drinking prune juice every day or something, cause I usually only go about once every 2-3 days -- once a day if I'm sick. I'm kind of glad that I don't go very often, because quite frankly, I hate shitting.

oh, and during truth or dare (another SQUEAL), David had to kiss me.
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Nikki has spoken. (public post number 3)

blissfully emo: brandon looks at my firends list
XAsthmaIsSexyX: what a stupid faggot


go have sex with your dinosaur friend

edit // Nikki is a friends-only Nazi, so even after editing this post a few times so as not to stir up any drama between them, I have to make it friends-only! You have her sn, now tell her how much she sucks*