July 3rd, 2003


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I need to get really drunk. Not the kind of drunk where I get a little tipsy and start acting like a dyke (literally) and wake up with a slight hangover and puke everywhere, but the kind of drunk where I pass out in a puddle of my own puke and urine, and wake up in an unfamiliar city in an equally unfamiliar gutter. But before I go off on a tangent about sleeping with (among) homeless people - should I make chloroformkiss a photojournal? This is not to say that I wouldn't post pictures in this journal anymore (or that, when it comes time to post pictures, I'd even remember that I have a photojournal) - I just figured that I should do something with that journal, since quite a few people still have it on their friends lists. so comment. and tell me exactly what I should do with it, since for the time being I will be a complete pushover and do whatever you tell me.
what's the deal with people keeping friends-only journals on their friends lists when they can't read them? Come the fuck on. If you haven't been added then there's a reason. You can't read anything, anyway, so stop trying to give your friends list (do I daresay your e-popularity, too?) a boost and take me off! geez Louise...
Last time I checked, my summer count was 36, but not being online in 984752 days has thrown me off a bit. I'm now completely unaware of how many times I've masturbated this summer. I think it may be somewhere around 38, but it can't possibly be. It's such a small number and I'm, well, a really horny person. It sucks hardcore, cause I was really looking foward to looking back at the end of the summer and thinking, Goddamn. (insert number) nights spent with just me and my hand. Pull yourself together, Marina, and get some fucking cock in your life.
So, as some may already know, my mother is buying a duplex. Yes, a motherfucking duplex. But apparently it's some kind of glorified duplex with many features that I don't care to share with anyone, so it's not as bad as it could be. But I digress. Our lease was up at the end of June, so my wonderful father is having me stay with him until sometime before August 15th, when my mom will close on the house duplex (goddamn). This would explain my lack of updates and 56K! Dial-up really sucks shit! So remember that the next time you're crying over me not commenting on your entries - I have a good reason for it.
Does anyone know of a (free) site that hosts videos/recordings? I just thought of this because I burped really loudly
oh yeah.

and it woke up my mom. It'd be so great to share my earth-shaking burps with everyone on Livejournal. People who know me in real life know what I'm talking about. I am a pig. Except I don't fart because, well, girls just don't do that. Even vulgar and shameless ones such as myself. yeah.
I was in the middle of making breakfast earlier when I realized it was 4:30 in the afternoon. I need to get with the program and stop going to bed when the sun comes up. It's not good for my livelihood.
Tomorrow I think I'm gonna take a picture of myself sitting on the toilet with a newspaper (and maybe my cat) wearing aviators and a surprised look on my face and make it into an icon.
I wrote a lot and I'm not sorry.

edit // looking at what I save pictures as is like getting a glimpse into the window of my soul. I highly suggest it, mostly because I do it when I see people on my friends list posting pictures.
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