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The days have been fabulous since my parents got home! It's been wonderful, wonderful, oh-so wonderful having good ole' homecooked food by mummy, and her random assortment of cakes.. and daddy to drive us around (no pressure on me!!) so we get to go to eat much better food and go shopping and hang out, yay. There's hardly a moment of boredom! And last weekend we went up to Taiping where the uncles decided to feed us like crazy so we had more food food food food food!!! And grandma is so sweet, she kept holding my hands and my face and once she even remembered my name and tried to feed me when I was supposed to be feeding her! And it's so much fun to have mummy back coz you can randomly quarrel with her and it's funny.. and my daddy is fun to hug coz he's like a teddy bear. Anyways today I did something that made mummy happy and she thinks I'm "all grown up" now- which of course is far from reality but it's always nice to have your mummy tell you that. But going out till late and eating so much supper makes me feel so tired, I have these bunch of thoughts about last week that I need to put down soon lest I forget them, they're important to me... I'll probably get around to it tomorrow since it's just mummy and I at home, becky and daddy are going down for her medical checkup and to set up her bank account and stuff.. My sister is really rich, much richer than I am and will always be much richer than I ever will be, heheheheh OK YOU KNOW I'M REALLY TIRED WHEN I RAMBLE AND DON'T STRING MY THOUGHTS TOGETHER, i need sleep so goodnight. Oh I know I sound so naive and stupid, but it was only today that I found out that the sneaky Devil actually loves to read the bible too, hehehehehehehehehhe
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