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(rā´chel) "lovely in form and beautiful"

Birthday Wishlist!

I realise I haven't updated much, I have a lot to say but I'm trying to get a grip and understand what's going on inside of me before I write it all down. I've also been terribly sick, sneezing nonstop and finishing packets and packets of tissue. I also have a sorethroat now but luckily darling daphhhhy and yvonnne keep giving me herbal/mint stuff to clear my throat :)

ANYWAY GUESS WHAT i DID DURING SOCIOLOGY LECTURE TODAY! I made my birthday wishlist *squeals*
All this is because I know how much everyone is dying to buy me birthday presents so this makes things easier for everyone, hahahahahahhaah. Oh, please do not buy me anything that is high-end, I will be very very upset. I know its the trend now as we're growing up but I think I'm materialistic enough and I'm trying to live 'moderately' so please do not spoil me! Hehe.

Also, I think I will come back to Singapore 18th-20th May (and maybe a little later) to celebrate with anyone who would like to celebrate with me :D Please get me one of the following:

1. To look like Jennifer Lopez
2. A walk-in closet (haha just kidding, give me fred's room, its enough)
3. Yvonne's wardrobe (actually just her dress and gripz shoes)
4. Countless plane tickets to go anywhere I want
5. Perfect skin/body/hair
6. A dean's list student's brain
7. Someone to take my exams for me :)
8. A car

Okay, if the above are unavailable, I guess these would do :P

1. Wisma, Zara Vouchers
2. Black Stilettos (covered)
3. Lacoste sneakers
4. DRESSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5. Bag for school
6. Full-length mirror
7. Philosophy products (thanks von!!)

Actually that's about it :)
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