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Messenger bird's song...

"nod you head if the plans have changed, shake it, love, if they stay the same."

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K.I'm a girl with the personality of a train wreck in 40 degree weather..there's simply no other way to describe it.
Though I'm incredibly fucked up, people can't help but be drawn to me.Not all.Some.
A considerable ammount.
I'm in love with everything.
It doesn't really work both ways.

I love my music.
Without it, I'd be nothing.
I loathe the generic crap I see on much music, it evokes nothing.

Unlike most people my age, I know my purpose in life.
I know where I'm going.
I'm determined,though it may not be visible.

P.S. I'm a nervous wreck at times, and feel like everything is spinning around me...
So all I'm really looking for is a constant...something to hold onto.

Now enough of my incoherent rambling, I'm done.