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So, one of my (ex)co-workers, Madeline, no-showed on us three times, called in sick twice, all hell was breaking loose trying to reschedule appointments during the week,
and then she called in and quit.
I am depleted of almost all energy and would do cartwheels if I wasn't so tired because I am off tomorrow and can re-fuel after the havoc that was last week at work due to Madeline being a selfish, thoughtless wench.

When I got out of work today at 3pm, I was in a pretty bitchy mood thanks to a phone conversation with Madeline,
so I did some Yoga and had some Cinnamon Apple Tea and listened to Daniel Powter.
I am much more relaxed now,
but I would still like the chance to take a hockey stick to Madeline's shins if I could.

Since I am letting my inner bitch out right now,
I am also pissed at a former friend and have decided that communication between she and I has now come to an end for good.
She is selfish, thoughtless, and a down-right drag due to constant bitchiness and complaints.
I have dealt with it for years and, truth be told, I'm relieved not to have to worry about having to pretend that things are fine between us anymore.

I have actually found out that my co-worker Jessica and I have a lot more in common than I initially thought and we have a blast at work together.
She has a love for coffee that almost matches mine, so maybe she can fill the role of gossiping-coffee drinking pal?
Perhaps, perhaps.

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