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13 October
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♥Welcome To Missa May's Journal.♥
This is the real me, If you don't like the real me, then leave
The last thing I need is bullshit
So if you dont like me
Or you don't want to read this
Then again

Melissa- By Jacqui Carroll
Hi, My name is Melissa
This guy named Kyle, I like to kiss-ah
& even sometimes in the toilet, I piss-ah

I mean no, just kiding
I like to go bidding
For porcelin dolls that I keep on my bed
The princess of Egypt has a dress that is Red
& She has a little gold crown
That I like to wear on my head.

I mean no, of course I don't do that
I can go out & buy my own hat
What do you think, I'm crazy?
Well, maybe I think you're lazy.

Ohh shut down, I burned you
You're done, yea I'm talking to you
Ok, now I'm done.

♥Love can Never Be Compared to a Crush
It's Like Comparing a skyscraper to an ant.
It's Just Not Possible♥


Music, Taking Back Sunday, Ice Cream, Food in general, Basketball, My best friends, My family, My pets, My friends, My cousins, My town, My school, AFI, Story of The Year, The Used, Maroon 5, Love (sometimes), Yellowcard, Skating (sometimes), Poetry (writing it and reading it), Blink 182, CD's, Clubs, Fun, My Chemical Romance, My beautiful sister Sara(teehee), So much more

Breaking hearts, Love (sometimes), Cristina Agularia (or however you spell it), Stuck-ups, Bitches, Anonymous comments that're rude, People who're mean to my friends, backstabbers, People who take you off their list of friends but you still know their password, n00bs, losers (haha!), Katii ;o), People who follow everything you're doing, people who pretend to know the words to a song but you both know they don't, etc.

I have a best friend & a sister, Katie
♥Emily Friken Kilby
♥Kyle the loserr
♥So Many More Best Buds