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time for a change [24 Aug 2005|03:45pm]
Yeha that's right i have a new livejournal.

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fucking fabulous. [23 Aug 2005|10:08pm]
I sprained my ankle, yet again.

I won't be dancing or mobile for atleast 2 weeks.

fucking bump that.
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MAMBO!!!!!!! [14 Aug 2005|07:06pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I'm sitting here, wasting away, doing homework and watching West Side Story . Every time I watch it I think back to the first time I saw it I would've killed to be Maria, I still would. Watching musicals makes me wish life were really like that... I wish people would spontaneously break out in song and dance... but I guess Mean Girls shows and practice is the closest thing to it.

Dance class starts up this wednesday, I'm pretty pumped to go back.

We had a show last night, sorry to those of you who missed it, it was a surprise to us all. It was a small crowd, but everyone knew what was up so everyone danced and it was fun.

I'm going to get back to my Road of Life essay.


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YEAH BITCH. [10 Aug 2005|05:00pm]
Wow, school. Getting there is half the fun.
basically, it's Me, Sammie, Rikki, Kaitlin Stokes and Caitlin Bible all in her car jammin to the spice girls.

First period I have Psychology with Coach Turco, he's actually pretty cool, the fact that he was jammin to the theme song from Saved by the Bell was pretty amazing, he's aiight.

Then play prod, blah blah blah, same crowd.

Lit, Shitty crowd, but the teacher is somewhat sharp witted plus he seems pretty clueless, which is awesome.

My biology teacher is really weird. she showed us an electric pickle and she told us to compare it to life. what the fuck.

yeah that's it.
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RIP Peter Jennings. [08 Aug 2005|01:34pm]
Madison and I had an awesome week. We did pretty much everything, So I am now comfortable with letting go of summer. I experienced a lot of things I never expected to have to deal with. But most of my relationships grew stronger and I made a lot of new friends so I think school might actually be good this year. We'll see.

I find that ignorance truly is bliss, some people really can't take a hint and they just hear what they wanna hear,it's pathetic how some people can hold on to their completely ridiculous views, if someone doesn't like you, they don't like you. Some people really can't come to terms with that.
I'm growing more and more against these people who want to have their cake and eat it too, if you lose someone you lose a lot more than that person and you can't galavant around acting like nothing ever happened. it did happen.

Anyway, we had 2 shows this weekend, Friday was alright, we came in second. I thought that saturday was a really good show and I felt we played really well. I saw Niamh yesterday and Ms. Jessie I hadn't seen them since June before they left for Ireland, it was really cool seeing them. Niamh always comes back using Irish lingo and it's pretty funny.

So last night I wasn't having a great night, and I was talking to Rikki about it.. later that night I was watching Party Monster and Rikki calls and asks me to come outside.. and in my driveway was Rikki and Rachel with a cookie cake for me. It was so awesome that they did that for me.

YES [28 Jul 2005|02:01pm]
Madison moves in on Saturday, fuuuuuuuck yeah. Also, I decided what I'd like to do for my Sweet 16. Ladies, I'm having a skating party, at Sparkles, all of you better hope you're invited.

We have a show coming up at the NEW Marietta YMCA, another battle of the bands and guess what, ITS FREE, so everyone better go :)

Monday:: DAPHNE LOVES DERBY. i'm pumped.

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[27 Jul 2005|08:02pm]
This could be the very minute I'm aware I'm alive
All these places feel like home with a name I've never chosen
I can make my first steps as a child of 25
This is the straw, final straw in the roof of my mouth
as I lie to you just because I'm sorry doesn't mean
I didn't enjoy it at the time.
You're the only thing that I love it scares me more every day.
On my knees I think clearer.
Goodness knows I saw it coming or at least I'll claim I did,
But in truth I'm lost for words.
What have I done it's too late for that,
What have I become truth is nothing yet
A simple mistake starts the hardest time
I promise I'll do anything you ask...this time.

i know, who cares. [25 Jul 2005|01:31am]
I know, no one wants nor needs to hear about my problems, but they do exist and i need to vent.

I miss him terribly, I hate things being like this, I hate NOT being in control and it scares me, I want things to get better. Plus, to add insult to injury, my dad is moving out, it scares me I worry about him, and all of this shit has to happen before school starts and my GPA is not where it needs to be.


Yet, I do have my friends who are offering me support and giving me the love I need. ♥ thanks.

leave love, i need it.
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FOXY [13 Jul 2005|02:12am]
I watched 1/2 of Wayne's World and Elephant.

it was good.

Elliott and Madison are my world.

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The time has come. [10 Jul 2005|09:55pm]
So I haven't updated in about 54902432 years. I suppose it's time that I do. We had 2 shows this weekend, both of which went insanely well, I got to cross dress and get some Honky Tonk Badonkadonk. Overall it went extremely well.

Everyone seems to be out of town, Patrick is in Chicago doing his Berklee thing, Niamh is in Ireland visiting family, Caroline, Sammi and Megan are doing a church thing. Hmm, I guess this is what my summer has amounted to. But I'll find something to occupy myself I always do.

Nationals just passed, surprising results, if I had gone I would've worked my ass off. I kind of wish I did :/

Pictures are around the web from the show(s) keep your eyes peeled.

I need to start my summer reading, but I'll do anything to aviod it, blaaaaaaaaah.I also need to get my god damn permit, now that my parents will actually allow me to do so, I need to study, I've put it off for too long.
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boredboredbored [01 Jul 2005|12:33am]
76 questions Repost this but
Tell the truth
What have YOU done... BE TRUTHFUL!!!

1.smoked a cigarette – No

2.smoked a cigar - No

3.made out with a member of the same sex – No

4.crashed a friend's car - No, i can't drive :0)

5.stolen a car - No

6.been in love – maybe.

7.been dumped – yes

8.shoplifted – yeahhhh

9.been fired - yeah like I have ever had a real job.

10.been in a fist fight – yeah

11.snuck out of ur house – No

12.had feelings for someone who didnt have them back – DUH

13.been arrested - No

14.made out with a stranger- No, gross.

15.gone on a blind date – yeah

16.lied to a friend – yeah

17.had a crush on a teacher – No

18.skipped school – yeah

19.slept with a co-worker – No

20.seen someone die - no

21.been on a plane - no.

22.thrown up in a bar - no

23.taken painkillers - yeah when I got my teeth knocked out, shiiit I was doped up.

24.love someone or miss someone right now - i miss someone.

25.laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by - no, I have a life.

26.made a snow angel - yes

27.played dress up - yes

28.cheated while playing a game - yes

29.been lonely - yes

30.fallen asleep at work/school – yes

31.used a fake id - no

32.felt an earthquake - no I slept through the one that was here.

33.touched a snake - yeah

34.ran a red light - I DONT DRIVE!

35.been suspended from school- No

36.had detention – no.

37.been in a car accident - No

38.hated the way you look- rawr, yeah.

39.witnessed a crime - yeah

40.pole danced – i said i never had a REAL job ;) haha, JAYKAY!

41.been lost - yeah

42.been to the opposite side of the country- No

43.felt like dying - YES.. but i really was in a situation where I could've died... kay.

44.cried yourself to sleep - sadly, yes

45.played cops and robbers – don't think so.

46.karaoke – CHA, I have my own personal kareoke machine, MHMM

47.done something you told yourself you wouldn't - gah, yes

48.laughed till some kind of beverage came out of your nose - YEA

49.caught a snowflake on your tongue - yeah

50.kissed in the rain – nope.

51.sing in the shower - duh

52.made love in a park – haha, NO

53.had a dream that you married someone - yes

54.glued your hand to something - no, i'm not that stupid

55.got your tongue stuck to a flag pole- no. although I recall kids doing that in elementary school.

56.worn the opposite sex's clothes - yeah, I wish I was a boy.

57.been a cheerleader – hahhahaha.

58.sat on a roof top - Yeh

59.didn't take a shower for a week – yes, it's the best feeling

60.ever to scared to watch scary movies alone - yea

61.played chicken – duh,

62.been pushed into a pool with all your clothes on – YESSSH!

63.been told you're hot by a complete stranger - gross, yeah

64.broken a bone - actually, no.

65.been easily amused – i'm amused right now :)

66.laugh so hard you cry - yes

67.mooned/flashed someone – yeah

68.cheated on a test – yeah, I still failed.

69.forgotten someone's name - yeah

70.slept naked – once

71.gone skinny dipping in a pool - mo

72.been kicked out of your house – No

73.blacked out from drinking – don't drink

74.played a prank on someone - DUH

75.gone to a late night movie – yeah

76.made love to anything not human - hhahahha no.
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hahahhahahahaha [17 Jun 2005|01:30pm]
My friends are amazing.kinda..
shwack08: your a dumb asss
shwack08: like full blown dumb asss
OH lala LEXAY: hey go fuck yourself atleast I can spell disease.
OH lala LEXAY: :-)
shwack08: haha
shwack08: die bitch
OH lala LEXAY: hahaha, oooooohh, you spelt that one right.
OH lala LEXAY: i was expecting.. dy bitsh
shwack08 is away at 1:29:26 PM.
Auto response from shwack08: go to hell lexie
OH lala LEXAY: oh ouch.
shwack08 returned at 1:29:45 PM.
shwack08: that was fun
OH lala LEXAY: I'm jewish I don't believe in hell.
shwack08: haha
shwack08: well go fuck the koran or something
OH lala LEXAY: Torah, Pat, it's the Torah.
shwack08: fair nuf

Yeah, our conversations are full of wisdom, my friends are the most intellectual people I've ever met.
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don't you know. [04 Jun 2005|01:50pm]
So the show last night was really good. Patrick did really well and the crowd liked him a lot. It was good, we had fun. Uhhh yeah, Augusta next weekend. eeeee. Tokyo Rose on the 12th

who wants to go with meeeeeee?

kay, well i'm outtt.
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KILLLLLL MEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! [01 Jun 2005|10:00am]
So yesterday Ciara nd I sat in the DMV ALL afternoon.....

did we get our numbers called up? NOOOOOOO.

Tomorrow's my last chance. mah.

I get my tooth today, well, the permanent one. YEAAHHH.

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this is just too much [29 May 2005|11:09am]
Sooo, my first week of summer was nothing to really brag about, I hung out at the pool. And I got to see Patrick, yesterday was extremely interesting though.

I had dance and you know, dance.. blah blah blah then I went back to Shelby's and saw Monster In Law it was suprisingly good. then.. we went down to the pool around 9 with her sister Marisa, there were 2 14 year old boys there who I think have the hots for shelby because they kept looking over at us and kept trying to be cool.

So in a final attempt to get our attention, one of them rode his bike into the pool. I think I peed my pants like... 8540932584 times. it was rich.

we have a show this friday and everyone better be there.


it's almost over [16 May 2005|08:52pm]

So school's almost out and I can't be anymore excited. Seriously it's going to be the longest week of my life but it's all good.

I hung out with Madison and some other kids.. Elliott and David I believe were their names, cool boys, truly.


I have a feis this weekend I'm really nervous. But i know me and Madison will have fun as we always do. mhhhhmm


!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Collapse )

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getttt crunnnkkk. [15 May 2005|12:43am]

So today would've been better if I didnt fall asleep and miss Sammi's birthday party, i'm such an asshole. It was supposed to be a power nap not fully passing out. I'm sorry Sammi and I love you.

I ended up going to Patrick's later on it was a good time.


well thats it.


bite me. [08 May 2005|12:54pm]
SOOOO, my weekend, I had a show on Friday at a party. it was interesting I was in a relatively bad mood and rolling my ankle didn't exactly help but overall it was good. I had a final that day and I was tired. Saturday I had a performance at the Roswell Arts Festival, there was some pretty cool stuff. Me and Jessica and Shelby dicked around there for a while. Then I went and got contacts, fuck yeah no more glasses I was so sick of them, but i found out my eyesight has worsened. Blah.

So today's Mother's day, Perimeter mall, yay.

Shelby moves in 3 weeks I can't take it. it makes me want to cry, i'm in serious denial about it all. But I don't want to miss her beofre she's even gone.

[30 Apr 2005|01:05pm]
So we had a show last night, it was the Pope Battle of the Bands. It was amazing. Yeah we won. I'm really glad we can do that kind of stuff and have fun. I know some bands will probobally beat themselves up over not winning for some time. But they have counseling for that. Hahahaha.I felt everyone played a good show last night, and we had fun. After the show we went for Victory IHOP. Chocolate chip pancakes at 11 o clock at night is absolutely amazing. Sean and Ben hung out with me and Madison for a while. It was interesting. haha. Welll we had a good time. I thought we played well. Madison slept over, I love hanging out with her, she's my heterolifemate and I wouldn't trade what she and I have for the world ;)

I talked to Tory today and she told me this story about how a girl went up to her and Elliot at Swayze's and Tory said " Yeah one of my best friends,Lexie, is in Mean Girls" and apparently the girl flipped out and said I was her hero and she wanted to meet me. I'm confused yet it makes me happy. I like making people happy but I'm not a movie star and I'm surely nothing glamourous, but it makes me happy that I make that girl happy.( and hopefully others) I'd really like to meet her.

Tonight is Shelby's birthday party. I'm going to miss her so much, I wish she wasn't moving. She's one of my best friends and the fact that she's leaving breaks my heart. I love her so much we've been there for eachother for everything. From my teeth shattering to her dad's near death illness. We've done so much together and I wish she wasn't leaving.

Tuesday I get my tooth fixed. FINALLY!!!!!!!! and I'm getting contacts. whoo. so that's life right about now.

and I fucking love it.
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[24 Apr 2005|12:09am]


We had a show tonight, and it was incredible. We played with Tokyo Rose and One Way Letter, I think everyone played well and overall it was one of our best shows. The Guys in T.R are really nice and thanks so much to everyone who came. You should all try to make it to the show at Pope next weekend.

Me and Ryan from Tokyo Rose.

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