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update [Sep. 18th, 2008|06:17 pm]
hey, I know I havent updated in a very long time but things are going pretty well. I am 2 quarters away from getting a job as a dental assistant! I really fucked up though, I totally forgot to take my online final for one of my classes and failed the class. Not only am I totally embarrassed and feel so dumb, my teacher is really mad at me too. I dont even feel better that she emailed me back and has offered to let me take the test on paper to change my grade, because she really made me feel like dirt. she basically told me I disrupted her vacation, lied to her, insulted her, and took advantage of her kindness. Like I didnt already know all of this. I honestly thought I took the test. She gave all of the students, including me, ALL THE ANSWERS TO THE TEST!! so basically for some reason I thought I took the test for some reason or another. So yeah, not excited to face her on monday. anyone have any advice?