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This one's a crazer

daydreaming disaster.

20 May 1988

Under Construction <-- Story of my life.
abandoned towns, abnormal psychology, alice in wonderland, american idol, animals, antique stores, aquateen hunger force, art, arts and crafts, astrology, australia, backgammon, bath and body works, bisexuality, black and white photography, black lights, blue man group, board games, body painting, body piercings, books, bowling, british comedy, broadway musicals, camming, canada, card games, cats, cellphones, chuck palahniuk, clothes, collages, collecting, coloring books, comedy, computers, concerts, conflict resolution, cooking, crayons, crosswords, cuddling, dane cook, daydreaming, debates, demetri martin, digital cameras, digital photography, dream analysis, driving with no destination, exotic pets, eyes, film festivals, fire, fmylife, foreign currency, gardening, george carlin, ghost towns, grammar, guitar hero, horror movies, hugging, human development, instant messaging, internet, ipods, jeff dunham, jewelry, journals, juno, kissing, kittens, languages, last.fm, laughing, libraries, lost, love, massage therapy, master shake, meatwad, meditation, melanie, movies, museums, music, napping, no doubt, numbers, office supplies, ohm, old cars, palmistry, paramore, paranormal, patterns, pens, pets, photo booths, photography, poetry, postsecret, psychology, puppies, purses, puzzles, rain, reading, road trips, rock band, romance, roses, sarcasm, scented candles, sesquipedalianism, sex, sharpies, sign language, signs, skiing, slam poetry, sleeping, sociology, sonnets, stand-up comedy, sudoku, sunglasses, swimming, symbolism, tao te ching, tarot, tattoos, text messaging, the 60s-80s, the office, the supernatural, theaters, toyotas, travel, unsolved mysteries, vacations, voodoo, water, waterfalls, word searches, world religions, writing, yoga, zen