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i have no idea what i'm doing these days. more and more, i feel myself sliding through life with no real direction or goal. it's weird. i'm not worried. i'm just kind of disappointed with the way things have turned out.

Which band/artist did you use? The New Pornographers
1. Are you male or female: Honest Man
2. Describe how you feel about yourself: I Think I'm Going To Hell
3. Your best piece of advice: Lay Low
4. Describe your last relationship: Death Is The Easy Way
5. Describe your last crush: I Needed It Most
6. Say something to someone to who you have a crush on: I Will Be There When You Die
7. Say something to an ex: It's About Twilight Now
8. Say something to someone who hurt you severely: The War Begun
9. How do you feel right now: Hopefully

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