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[[posted on , 12.24.07 at 05.58pm]]
[ mood | wishing i was drunk ]


fucking add it, filthy sluts, or face my wrath upon my return!!

or just don't...that's cool, too, i guess...



mhm [[posted on , 12.24.07 at 01.34am]]

my new lj is titled [info]o_revolution

i repeat: new lj ==> [info]o_revolution

that is all.

oh eljay [[posted on , 12.24.07 at 12.07am]]
1. sigur ros is infinitely more uplifting/cathartic/inspiring/etc. when you're on acid, as jordan and i found out before leaving beloved reed.

2. eljay is offically dead, methinks!

EDIT: on second thought, i think i'll start a new one and update regularly...hmm...

so [[posted on , 05.12.07 at 12.13pm]]
[ mood | okay ]

life is not like a box of chocolates. that is the stupidest shit i have ever heard and it really makes sense that a slightly retarded hollywood caricature would come up with it. in fact, life is like a cigarette. sometimes you inhale way too much. and sometimes you don't get enough. and sometimes the end falls out and you have to relight. and sometimes you have a drag that's so good. but, in the end, it's too short to worry about one drag, one occurence. sometimes it's btter to make nothing of it and move on the next breath.

all this thinking, though, it's got me...well, thinking. i just hope my life isn't one o those cigarettes that, once you're done, was just kind of pointless. it was more of an impulsive, reflexive smoke than anything involving meaning or pleasure. i hope my life isn't just a compulsive exercise. i hope everything means something, in the long run.

so prom. yeeeeeaaaah. ugh.

jean baudrillard [[posted on , 05.09.07 at 03.07pm]]
the anatomists of the fifteenth century, suddenly discovering in the body, the nerves and the circulation of the blood a world of a radical objectivity, beyond God. do we have anything today equivalent to such an upheaval, to such a displacement of all previously acknowledged facts? the discovery of the unconscious was almost such an upheaval, but it no longer is. doubtless, the exploration of the brain is the extreme adventure, which is likely to sweep away all our values and modern superstitions - our theology. But this is not necessarily progress. Just as the soul was swept away by anatomical dissection, so the body - and many other things too - will be swept away by the subtle dissection of the functions of the encephalon.

even in the daytime, a part of us is perpetually asleep. when we are fast asleep, part of us is constantly awake. this is how, even when we are asleep, we can wish for sleep. how, even when we are fully alive, we can want to live.

in amazonia, certain butterflies simulate the markings of their poisonous fellows to protect themselves. when you don't have the good fortune to be poisonous, you have to use deception. in this sense, we are all lepidoptera. most of our behavior is merely deception aimed at deflecting the great predator - death - from our path.like the disguised lepidoptera, all our weapons are artificial ones - the innumerable strategies by which we shield ourselves from death and the inevitability of predation. moreover, what ultimately distinguishes the poisonous butterflies from the ones that adopt a poisonous appearance? what makes one species use a real weapon and another a simulated deterrent? and where we, the human race, are concerned, does all our armoury of machines, sciences and technologies function as a real weapon, or is it merely a gigantic simulation apparatus parading as real power?

at last an african on the podium in the world athletics championship at stuttgart! africa surely deserved that reward! fantastic hypocrisy, while most athletes mounting the podium are blacks. but, by virtue of slavery and colonization, it is the usa, britain and france which claim the title of great sporting nations - and are moved, in their lofty arrogance, at the "exceptional" success of "the little Namibian".
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