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. s e t m e f r e e w i t h t h e b e a t .

4 May
All my friends are embryonic
All my friends are dead and gone
All my friends are microscopic
All my friends wake up alone.

Girl germs eat your little virus
Revolution come and die
Elitists who eat the virus
Sleep with me, wake up alive.

marisa: girl. fifteen. canada. athiest. blonde.
blue eyes. cynical. immature. easily distracted. pessimistic.
super-energetic. 5'6". shy. obnoxious. stubborn. pro-choice.

hearts: music. writing. b-grade horror movies
from the 70's. dreadlocks. photography. local shows. second
hand shopping. house parties. glitter. body modifications.
bitching about the music industry

no heart: parents who beat their defenseless
kids in an attempt to achieve powertrip gratification.
insects. people who play the race card. bible thumpers. pepsi.
anti-abortion demonstrators. people who stop in the
middle of the halls/stairways to converse with their
friends. hamburglers. the dark. seafood.

noise: Death From Above 1979, CKY, Nirvana, Green
Day, Iron Maiden, The Ramones, Jane's Addiction, Hole,
Courtney Love, Sex Pistols, The Cramps, The Adicts, The
Verve, The Vibrators, Sleater-Kinney, Black Sabbath,
Queens Of The Stone Age, Red Hot Chili Peppers,
Eurythmics, Blondie, Queen, Weezer, Liam Lynch, Blink
182, The Cult, Van Halen, Motley Crue, Pink Floyd,
The Beatles, The Smashing Pumpkins, 15 Minutes, Teeter,
Blue Light On, HIM, Controller.Controller, Foo Fighters,
Horrorpops, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Billy Idol, Led Zepplin,
Alice Cooper, Alexisonfire, My Chemical Romance, The
Junction, Jack Off Jill, Veruca Salt.

words: perks of being a wallflower, catcher in
the rye, 1984, a million little pieces, fear and
loathing in las vegas, life of pi, on the road.

big screen: fear and loathing in las vegas, eternal
sunshine of the spotless mind, goldirocks, a clockwork
orange, almost famous, haggard, chopped and sliced, the
rocky horror picture show, black christmas, chicago, cheats,
prom night, spun, detroit rock city, the outsiders, it,
american history x, willy wonka and the chocolate factory.

tube: america's next top model, the trailer park boys,
arthur, the x-files, csi, boston public, dead like me,
degrassi junior high, family guy, friends, sex and the
city, what not to wear, huff, futurama, full house.

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■"Well you know what, I'm not a fuckin' hick. I dont wear cowboy boots,I hate the fuckin' rodeo, horses smell like shit to me, and I never fuck anyone in my own bloodline. By definition I am not a redneck and goddamnit I ain't no fuckin' hick." ~Stevo (SLC Punk)
■"No magic left in your marker, eh?" ~Chad I Ginsburg
■"Never run in the rain with your socks on" ~Tre Cool
■"In my world everyone just has really long conversations about interesting shit, or pick apart pop culture to death, and everyone talks in monologue." ~Kevin Smith
■"I never thought that being obnoxious would get me where I am now."~Billie Joe