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So, I've narrowed down all the universities I've looked at to four choices.

York University- Its close to home, relatively easy to get into, has a good international program.
University of Guelph- Far enough that I would have to live on residence, but still only an hour on a GO-bus, need good marks, but very generous with scholarships.
Brock University- In St Catherines, so far enough that I would need to live there, but only an hour and a half away, best program I've looked at, not extremely hard get into.
Lakehead University- In Thunder Bay, so I'd need to live there, and couldn't visit home often cause I would need to take a plane, or drive 16 hours, awesome program, not extraordinarily hard to get into, and would be an adventure.

My first choice would be to go to Brock for 3 years, live on residence, get awesome grades, do my 3rd year at Keele University in England for the International Exchange program, and my get BA (possibly Honours). Then, go to Teacher's College in Thunder Bay, then get a decent paying job as a History Teacher, eventually become Department Head, then hopefully, one day, be a professor.

Thinking about my future scares the fuck out of me.

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crazy french mcdonalds, waiting two hours in the novotel lobby for a bus, ham and cheese baguettes EVERY DAY, painful attempts to speak french, especially when jamie and mike panic and order the same thing as me, silly stonehengian sheep, ODOSTRIA, crazy bathrooms in huttons, late nights in the fire escape, missions to find ATMS, the lack of personal space, falling asleep on everyone, croissants, orangina, singing along with subway performers, the tube, long talks about everything, cross-pollination of genders in rooms, ryan's caffeine-pill induced borat impressions, kevin's retarded faces in every single picture, three hour detours cause jean-michele couldn't drive, ILLEGAL PARKING, fun times in a certain park near a certain hotel, nick's neck penis, MARS BARS, crazy pranks on the guys' room, smoker's coughs, amazing sirens, rachel almost dying in the louvre (but thankfully didn't), tokar's irish power!, alicia dressing up for room checks, crazy free porn, the fact that NO HOTEL HAD AN IRON, garthson walking in on like everyone naked/in a towel, teachers' stories, singing oh canada at vimy ridge, getting manhandled by french police, fergalicious at the top of the eiffel tower, kevin's constant video taping, the DETH, the inside jokes, the fact that i can't remember half of what we saw, the overwhelming feeling of actually being there, and absolutely every single moment of the best twelve days of my life.

"I miss everything and nothing will explain it all and I can’t write it all down. Most of all I miss the family we became."

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Why the scaffolding?
"See, I like the scaffolding. I like the scaffolding as much as I like the buildings. Especially if that scaffolfing is beautiful, in its way."
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Mmm lunch break at work. Good times? I think so.
There was a buffet at lunch, which was pretty sweet.. Too bad all the food was absolute crap. Haha.

This week is gonna be pretty rad. I'm working today, might visit Jamie later if she isn't busy, going to Vaugh Mills tomorrow to make a video for Mel and Ally who are in Dominican this week. I'm working again Wednesday, and Friday is laaame school, but its first say of Sem 2, so it should be pretty interesting. I have the hardest semester, swear its gonna kill me. I have academic English, Biology, Academic Math, and World History. Gahhhh.
Anywho, then Saturday Sweet Nightmare and Teeter are playing at the Hype, so Jamie and I are going there and then to Mikeal's after for the Classic Four! Booyah. Life is sweet.

Aaaaaaaanywho, I have to go back to doing boring friggin work for another 5 hours.
Wish me luck!

Ohh, and I officially have 600$ in spending moeny for Europe. Yeee boizzz.
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dearest livejournal.
i'm way sorry for practically abandoning you. for serious. to make it up to you, here's whats been going on for the past little while.


absolutely nothing.
thank you very much.

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So, yeah. Here's me talking for a little over 2 minutes. Thanks to my mad editing skillz it looks all jazzy. :)
Oh, and yeah. I wasn't wearing any makeup and my hair was all unstraightened and I was sick and just EW. And it makes my voice sound like I have a speech impediment.


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