It Occurs To Him That If He Died That Night...

He Would Die Happy...Because He Was Loved.

Citizen Insane.
25 February
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The Crying Tree of Mercury

This is the song I've been singing my whole life
I've been waiting like a knife
To cut open your heart
And bleed my soul to you
I did it all for you
You and you and you and you
This is the sound I've been making my whole life
I've been waiting for this night
To clear up all the talk
Althought I'm selfish to a fault
Is it selfish it's you I want
You I did it all for you
This love will stand as long as you
There's really no excuse
I did it all for you
These are the tears I've been crying my whole life
Like an ocean of desire
I'm reaching through the noise
Across the dusk of time
Within the lilting lies
I am singing out to you

jonny greenwood is love.
jonny greenwood is love.

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