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working on a new layout, so chill.

tonight was fantastic by the way.
i love you ronald john.
you're simply wonderfulll.

update tomorrow sometime, maybe.

soccer in the am, then spending the day w/ my baby again.
exciting, i know.

good night.
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i can revive him with my own two hands.

this week has been one of the worst all summer.
i honestly miss my best friend, but her mind is elsewhere.
i have risen over writer's block & i have begun to write again.
the stuff i'm coming out with is amazing. i'll give myself credit for once.

"through this struggle, i'm drowning in harsh set words.
capitals capsize my lungs with liquified pain & lowercases tilt the breaths too & fro.
save me sweetheart, for your denial will be the death of me."

spent the day w/ my baby.
things can't get any better between us.
he said this is as happy as he's ever been, & i'm the reason for it.
i can't help but smile around him, he makes me feel...fantastic.

i'm going to soccer in the morning. 8:30-10:30.
it will be hell, but i've been there, done that.

i am in love & forever staying that way with still remains.

my vagina hurts.
uhm, i bet you wanted to know.

a scarlet tragedy records next saturday & sunday. i'm excited for the boys, & especially my baby. i'm proud of him along with everyone else. they're newest song is completely heavy & has sweet ass guitar riffs -- not completely done yet but it's getting there. i also told ryan to do a throat to scream scale in the beginning. i call that pure brilliance.

i went shopping today.
bought a new haste the day shirt & a bled shirt.
i love wearing my htd shirt, it feels like pure sex.

i need a shower though & water.
i feel like i'm going to pass out.
i keep getting hot then cold, hot then cold & i'm so exhausted.

i know this is a pointless random entry, but if you've gotten to this point, you've read it all. congratulations to you. --claps.--

good night.
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"Broken Wings"

In a dream I spent the day with you
In a carriage built by blood.
The clouds were singing songs of fear and loss;
And they cut me down to size.
And they cut me down to size.

Broken wings
Have a home tonight.
No one is listening, no one is listening.
When darkness fell on the streets last night,
We never expected, we never expected this.

In a perfect world, I'd never know your name,
And do we even know it when we die?
Or will death just pass us by?
Will death just pass us by?
Please just pass us by.

Broken wings
Have a home tonight.
No one is listening, no one is listening.
When darkness fell on the streets last night,
We never expected, we never expected this.

When all this pain is justified,
While all the time is passing by.
Now is when we clench our fists
Knowing we can fight through this.
The hours and days are gone.
The weeks and months are moving on.
Can't they see that's nothing gonna stop us now?

Broken wings
Have a home tonight.
No one is listening, no one is listening.
When darkness fell on the streets last night,
we never expected, we never expected this.

R.I.P. -- April 10, 2005, Scott Gottlieb

i'm in love.

i've come to the conclusion i've fallen in love.

maybe not in complete love, but i'm in it. & i'm glad i can find myself smiling in the morning & wanting to wake up. wanting to hear his voice, wanting to see his smile again & kiss his perfect lips. maybe not in complete love...but it could end up that way. it might take a while, but it's worth the effort, he's worth everything.
he's changed me so much through these past weeks, it's quite shocking actually. but i love the change. i love going out, i love listening & watching him play guitar. i love being around him & his friends.
he lets me drive. he lets me fuck with his music in the car & a boy and his music, that's a rarity kids. he's not too stand-offish but not too clingy. he's rough but gentle, interesting & spontaneous. i love this boy, a whole lot. every day things get better. even though i worry when he goes out just because a girl worries about her baby, i can still fall asleep with a rested mind, assured he'll call, assured that i really am on his mind at least some of the night.
he's one of the sweetest, most intersting, fun, & one of the most gorgeous boys i've had the pleasure being with, spending all my time with.
i miss his waterbed. it's so comfrotable.
i miss him already.

random thoughts i wanted to spill out.
new pictures will be posted soon.
not going to foreigner tomorrow.
he's coming over for the whole day, most of the night.

happy birthday to zachary, one of my most favorite people ever. love you kiddo, hope your 17th was amazing.

a scarlet tragedy played amazing on saturday. you know, just stating a fact.
they covered alexisonfire, 'control' & 'little girls pointing and...' -- great job guys. especially you, baby. :] & ryan, you have an amazing voice. ess-tee-eff-you.

♥ rjh ♥
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today i'm sleeping over ron's.
then coming home friday morning.
then party party partyyy friday & saturday.

i will probably not do much of updating or anything on either myspace or livejournal within the next few days. bare with me.

i'm hungry and still tired.
i woke up at 10. wtf.

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short & blunt.

spent the day with my baby.
i'm the happiest girl ever.
i love still remains.
new pictures posted soon.
i don't know when.
last soccer game tomorrow at 6:30, home.

"Auto response from SomEkidddzs/nyoucan'thave: MUAH....i love YOU(yes, you kaitlin) the rest of you people suck..

Hate Me"

i'm kaitlin & that boy loves me.

i'm tired.
i'm all sexxxxxed out.
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