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all is love [entries|friends|calendar]
...look and you will find that all is love.

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  This is the journal of allislove: fangirl/dreamer/lover of all things. I hope you enjoy your stay here. x A.I.L.

Most Watched - Dog The Bounty Hunter
Most Visited - Oh No They Didn't
Listening - Fall Out Boy
Current Obsession - Leonardo DiCaprio (help me!)

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 The Icon Centre
 The I.C.
 more coming soon...

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last screened:Oceans 12
rating: 4/5
scheduled to screen:
Donnie Darko/Clueless/Interview With The Vampire/Romeo and Juliet
My Top 100 Films

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My Top 50 Albums

Most Listened : M.I.A. "Arular"
Most Wanted : Nelly Furtado "Loose"

Summer Playlist
M.I.A. "Arular"
Ashanti "Chapter II"
Lily Allen
Kanye West "Impossible"
Jamelia "Thank You"

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[21 Mar 2008|05:02pm]
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[20 Apr 2007|09:21am]

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Music Recommendation 1.00 [23 Aug 2006|07:38pm]

Absent Kid - Quiet Playground

Opinions? Recommendations4Me?
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My Top 50 Albums [11 May 2006|09:52pm]
After I started My Top 100 Films I thought it was obligatory to make a music list also. So as before any comments, discussion or recommendations are most welcome and loved.

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My Top 100 Films [08 May 2006|01:27pm]

This is a project I have stopped and started over the last year or so. I decided it would be much more fun to work on it here in my LJ. That way other people can contribute by recommending films, insight to help me decided on my list, or just join in on coversation. Remember that I will be adding to/changing the list regularly so if you feel there are films excluded from the list to go loco!

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