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Momma Always Said To Marry A Doctor...

Lovers need lawyers.
Cowboys need hats.
Allie needs doctors.

Sometimes, I love people. Especially you people. Especially today.

Second semester starts tomorrow. I think I may start a new journal. In the spirit of moving on.

I hear from Vassar any day now.
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Saturday Happenings

After that lame post from last night, I am pleased to report that everything turned out for the best, and on that note, I would like to thank my knight in shining armor pajamas for coming over uninvited to crash my pity party. Karaoke is always better served with a side of emotional breakdown, I think.

Anyway, this morning I had a bonding experience with the momma as I championed the Allie/Coleman Vacation Of Fun cause. It seems to be working so far... We'll see.

Went to Kohl's. They let me down. :(

Went to Best Buy and struck gold! I ended up spending over 80 dollars. Eeps!

1. The Essential Bob Dylan
2. The Essential Leonard Cohen
3. David Gray - White Ladder
4. Serenity

About the last one, I know some of you will be VERY proud of me. Haha. XD I got it because my brother and I were actually talking about it the other night because he loved the quote on my AIM profile from it [I aim to misbehave.] and we both really like Joss's stuff, in general. So, when he comes home for Spring Break, we're going to have a party. Hoorah. I thought about maybe getting Firefly, seeing as I need to see that at some point, but I didn't want to be tempted. $80 on four items is no mean feat, though you have to take into consideration that there are 73 songs included on those CDs...

Speaking of songs, here's the cool bit. I HEARD HIM ON THE RADIO. No shit. Really! They played "Wings of a Butterfly" on HFS. And then the DJ spent some time talking about how happy she was to be able to play a HIM song on the radio and how she met Bam at the HFStival and stuff. Oooh. It would be fucking AWESOME if HIM played the HFStival this year, especially since we're planning a documentary on it for our senior project! WE COULD CHILL WITH HIM BACKSTAGE.

Okay, wow. Need to go chill out before I sprain something. I'm going to go watch Serenity. Lalalla...
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It's Breaking

What have I become?
My sweetest friend
Everyone I know
Goes away in the end
And you could have it all
My empire of dirt
I will let you down
I will make you hurt

What a weird day. I feel like a disappointment.

I can't even count the number of people I let down today on one hand. It takes TWO. Damn.

But I did get my Psych done. And that's what's important.

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I Must Have Had Fun Because Now I'm Broke

Big Shot screaming "Put your hands in the sky!"
He says, "Give it up, boy, give it up or you're gonna die.
You'll get a bullet in the back of the neck
In the back of the neck, right between the eyes..."

-Straylight Run-

Now that that's out of the way...

Yesterday was fun. I finished my math exam half an hour before we were allowed to turn it in, a full hour before we were allowed to leave, so I amused myself by designing my own SuDoku. I might get extra credit for it. Who knows? ;) Then Rachel and I went out to Owings Mills to buy birthday presents for Kathryn and to waste our lives in movie theatres, like the wanton girls we are. We saw Brokeback Mountain and The Producers. And here comes the funny part.

Since it was about 1:00 on a weekday and most everyone was in school, we were in a theatre with a bunch of 75+ folks. Hilarity ensues.

ENNIS: Hrusfj fjfghhhnn nryhgmh.
OLD LADY: What did he just say? I couldn't understand...
ENNIS: *takes belt off*
OLD LADY: Is he going to take his hat off too? I would take my hat off.

JACK: *smoulder smoulder smirk smirk sizzle sizzle*
GUY: Maybe you should come down to my cabin some weekend...
OLD PEOPLE: Ooooohhh!
OLD MAN: I think he's talking about sex.

Equally amusing is the thin line drawn between Hawt Gay Secks!! and assault and battery. But for spoiler related reasons, we won't get into that. Instead, I shall just let you know that Rachel and I will one day film the lesbian sequel: Brokeback Valley. And I'll leave you with this amusing quote on the subject.

ALLIE: *sniffles* Ye..ees?
BEN: ... What are you doing?
ALLIE: *sniffles* I'm... at... the... moooovies.
BEN: I thought you just got out of Brokeback Mountain.
ALLIE: *sniffles* Ye..ees. About an... hour ago...
BEN: And you're still crying?
ALLIE: *sobs* I can't help it!! I just saw a tree outside and it reminded me!
BEN: Now you see why I won't see this movie. My masculinity does not need to be further compromised.
ALLIE: *breakdown*
BEN: *sighs* Ah, Brokeback Mountain. Making eyes and pussies wet across the nation...

And my overall opinion was the movie was good, really well shot. Heath Ledger was inconsistent, but he did provide most of the best raw, emotional moments in the film. Jake Gyllenhaal was a little better but he has a problem with falling too deep into what he's saying, which knocks him out of accents sometimes. Came through in this movie. Liked it much better than the story. *gags*

Anyway, after that, we went over to Kelsie's briefly and chilled with her and Ateret and then we all went down to Friday's for Kathryn's birthday dinner. YAY! And then Joanna and I had a nice talk while she kindly drove me home and then I watched Project Runway with my mom and sister. Typical day...

And now I have roughly 9.5 hours to do four article summaries, so I should REALLY not be doing this. DAMN YOU, LJ. DAMN YOUR SIREN CALL.
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I Didn't Know You Couldn't Say Goddamn On MTV....

Four Reasons Why I Love Trivial Pursuit:

ANSWERSCollapse )

And we must all get together and PLAY IT.

My new favorite mindless MTV entertainment is My Own. Definitely watch it. Seeing as all of us are obsessive dorks who would remove limbs to date movie stars.

Also, everyone watch TRL this week!! I usually hate it, but it's New Music week and today they had The Academy Is..., Avenged Sevenfold, and Panic! at the Disco. AND LOTS MORE TO COME.

You guys are lame friends. Someone come see Brokeback Mountain with me? Or Fall Out Boy in May? Or A7X and CKY at the end of the month? Please????
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