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How I Miss Your Ranting [entries|friends|calendar]

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Drills~ [20 Jan 2010|03:06pm]
For someone who wants to apply to art school I sure do suck. And am really lazy. And have no motivation.

Soooo I found all the people on lj who are a) mutual and b) actually use their journals (which was like, 6, ahhaha...I'm lonely) and I chose an interest of theirs and took up until 1/2 hour to draw for them (which explains missing limbs, pencil marks, overall shittiness.)

She likes Talho.Collapse )

aamalie and chabuki
The M/S.Collapse )

Card Captor SakuraCollapse )

Fake Mechanical Cobra that Unnecessarily Slowly Dips Ice Cream Cones in Chocolate.Collapse )

fairyCollapse )

- I only have the basics at hand.
- Linework tends to be my thing.
- Not in possession of a scanner. However, I am in possession of ghettoness and thus took pictures of everything and uploaded + resized.
- Also, ugh.
- I always like requests because then I'll practice. I never do anything unless prodded. =( So if I was prodded more I'd probably be more successful in life.

(Because I want to post but have nothing of note. Well, no positive things.)
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The Joy of Cooking Fail~ [06 Jan 2010|04:30pm]
HELLO AGAIN: your brain senses you appear to be hungry.
Do you want to get up and make food? Y/N
If Y/ look in fridge. In N/ go back to sleep.

EVALUATION: we are evaluating the contents of your fridge according to your checklist.

Is it rotten?
Is it going to be rotten?
How long has it been there?
Do you have to cut it up?
How many pots/pans will this meal require?
Are you sure you are this hungry?


If pan frying, COVER ONESELF and have pan cover handy. This is very important because you like to turn the heat up to speed up the process and then dump everything in the pan. Please refer to Shirtless Bacon Frying Incident.
If cooking meat, please note that if it looks cooked on the outside, it probably isn't.
If you think it might be an interesting flavour combination, it probably is. Interesting, I mean, but not good.


Lazy Pasta.Collapse )
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new year~ [01 Jan 2010|09:55pm]
You'd think with all the free time on my hands I'd be posting in my journal.

But I've recently sat down and read where I've left off. OH DEAR GOD. I am the worst. I hate hate hate being that open/vulnerable/pathetic and ugh, it upsets me. If any of all y'all knew me in real life you'd be all :O! I am the tomboy uppity upper no time for love don't understand it here have a beer kind of person. But, ya know we all have to have a secret side ;)

Anyway, things have looked up! No, I'm not home but I do talk to and see my parents and brother. I did have to drop out of school and yes I still have the horrible third shift, but I am their lead :) I'm planning to re-apply and work super hard to get that animation/new media degree. I want to design some kickass game art for the masses :) If not...and that's a big if since my record isn't exactly...exemplary enough that I'll get in -- I guess there's always ... business.

And there we go, fixed happy no more judgement lapses in bad emotional times! I want to write in this journal and not be freaked out by people reading it! So yeah!

I do have some FF8 stuff that I'm going to be posting like...now, if anyone likes Final Fantasy VIII. OR doesn't. I'm kind of both ways because the game got sort of ridiculous at a certain point. And yes, the IY stuff...the story goes that my brother wanted to get a computer for my mom to use, so since I was like, ejected and all, he took the parts from my old computer, that has all the files for my fics there. Just sayin'. But will work on getting those.

Anyway, to the 2 people that will read all the way here, I super love you and everything and yeah, sunshine and daisies (or windchill and snow and stupid in-snow driving) for the people that are getting it. :)


<3 may
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The Last Thing I Have Left. [06 Oct 2008|01:50pm]
I wish I could say I have been busy.

The truth is, well, I guess you can say busy.

Up until September I was off having the "real-life". I made a promise to myself to get out more, and I did, most of the time. I was always a person to have doubts -- in myself, in my life, in others. It was a life but I wasn't really living it. It's how I always thought I must be stupid to be 'sad' when others have more dire things to worry about, like I must have too much time on my hands or something.

In the first week of September my parents kicked me out of the house and told me I was never to come back. No house keys, car keys, mail, nothing. I had been at a friend's house late Sunday night. I fell asleep on account of working all day and having a drink afterward. My dad came and got me at 1 because I had school the next day. Parents were angry. Dad and I got in a fistfight and I was sent packing. I moved from a friend to another friend, finally to a room in an apartment with a family. During this time I missed a few classes at school. And when things look up, they fall even further. I am stuck working an overnight shift for money. Catching the bus to school right after where I promptly fall asleep. Repeating anything relating to my problems to someone (usually when I have to, like to a prof or counselor) makes me start to cry and look generally pathetic. I haven't eaten in days. I have no money. Every time I move I want to pass out.

I cannot describe the highs and lows that I see in others during these times. OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) has a bunch of loopholes that prevent them from granting me any funding. I might have to drop out of school. One professor won't tell me whether I can still pass his class with the time I missed, opting instead for me to waste my time failing. The rest don't care. People don't care. Friends don't care.

And then some do.
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[14 Apr 2008|02:32pm]
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[24 Dec 2007|08:35pm]
There is a first (or second) time for everything.

In this case, accidents. More specifically, in the car. I'd love, really love love to be a good driver, but this is quite the discouragement. Scraped a car today, and ended up having to argue my way to paying the other lady off since, I'd 1) be in trouble with parents, 2) be in trouble with insurance, and 3) be number one on the shitlist again.

I'm the type that's prone to feeling guilty, about everything. And right now I'm feeling it, so I'm writing it. And researching in the hopes that I can't be fucked by her having my license plate number.
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[08 Dec 2007|04:54am]
What do I have to explain?
It seems to me like long, random absences are totally my thing.
I'd love anything but not to admit to my experiences as a budding alcoholic! But maybe I should! And not budding! Nah, I exaggerate teeny bits. The worst is behind us in that sense. Now I just gotta worry about other things, like that exam I have in about 7 hours that I am carefully avoiding studying for, just like I carefully avoided learning anything about the course. Since I spend so much of my life on the internets or drunk, I suppose I should get back on here again and create a dialogue with myself. I guess apologize for strange disappearances and/or moods. And say yay holiday season to everyone. How are you all?
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My religiously autonomous entry! [22 Dec 2006|04:00am]
It may just be me, but I REALLY DISLIKE PARTIES IN MY HOUSE (when I'm there). And that goes for ANY PARTY. I just hate hate hate having people in my house (when I'm there), especially family parties like the one my Dad decided to have on the 24th and tell me about TODAY. One, because he expects me to sit there and magically entertain all the "kids" by myself. Just me. I wouldn't really mind if we had some form of universal entertainment, but unfortunately, we don't. Maybe if I had gotten a new Nintendo this week, but nope, sold out everywhere. And no one is going near anything I hold valuable. So I'm lost; someone suggested a movie -- if anyone knows any movies I can throw on and disappear for an hour or two with, please please let me know! I have a few toddler cousins, and about three others are 14-17. Disregard the toddlers, they make their own fun. Why don't I get along with my family?

In other news, Christmas holidays suck balls. As much as I am jealous of/want to be like happy people, I get reminded of them all over the damn place and I get moody. And bitter. I really belong a few centuries back. At least then, I'd have already been married off for two donkeys and a cheese wheel. If not, I would have died of scurvy. Thus, I'd have a life of note, and not be awake at 4 am. Again.

And to remind myself since I keep forgetting, 3 days until Christmas the Holidays.
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[14 Dec 2006|10:52pm]

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[27 Nov 2006|07:42pm]
November 27th! Wow I lose at livejournal.

OKAY. So far at this rate, I MAY pass 4/5 of my classes with pure cramming, and studying, and doing work that should have been done a long time ago. The one class in question is Discrete Math, where no amount of bullshit will save me on that exam. Just ask the midterm. I still don't have a real motivation though, besides the inevitable wasting of money and the wrath of the asian fob parents. I suppose that's all up to me though.

ISSUE 1Collapse )

But you know what's bugging me right about now? PEOPLE CALLING MY CELL PHONE WITH A BLOCKED ID.

NOTE: I'm sorry I was so dead on AIM nekoee, I was at work at 8 until 5 yesterday and completely died in front of the computer, and then woke up at 4:30. I'm on now though! <3 But may be watching HEROES later. =D
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[19 Oct 2006|08:40pm]
So the second week I've skipped class.

Just in time for midterms.

I really, really hate myself right now.
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[03 Oct 2006|11:29pm]

HAS ANYONE SEEN Tickle Me Elmo X on youtube?

...it looks like it's jacking off. AM I RIGHT or AM I RIGHT?


I am still a corporate tool. :D The big crackdown of petty theft within the store that resulted in the firings of at least 10-15 part-timers (and 2 being taken away by the police) is (nearly) over. Guess what Kip? MAY IS NOT GOING TO THE BIG HOUSE. (And will not be someone's bitch, thank you very much.) Apparently I fit into the group of people that were caught but not penalized because of lack of "evidence." But fear not! I am a very good girl.

In other news, Kellogg's makes excellent cereal. I eat it for dinner now.

<3Collapse )
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[07 Sep 2006|11:11pm]


Actually I kind of like the Rukia.
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[07 Sep 2006|01:20am]
[ mood | awake ]

THE REASON I DON'T POST IN MY LJ (in full sentences.)

By: May

The reason I don't post in my LJ is that I am unsure of wanting to bother people with reading my entries. This can be supplemented with being lazy, and my general insecurity and scrutiny of how I am perceived.


Anyway, I too am in university now. There are three other girls in my program. That is all.

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[24 Aug 2006|03:55am]
HAPPY BIRTHDAY the_firefly!!!!! <3<3<3

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[27 Jun 2006|02:37pm]
Wow, an entry that's not at like, 4 AM.

Well, douched today by thinking my exam was at 12 when it was at 9. Not pleasant, lol. Got there at 10. And no, I didn't finish.

big damn cutCollapse )

So I'm not going :D Mom's gonna be pissed especially after all the shoe shopping XD.
But I feel better this way. Not so much like a tool and happy that I don't have to see those fuckers ever again. Might as well go out with a BANG. Somehow, it just figures I'd end up getting in shit by everyone and everything SOMEHOW. No one ever believes the person involved. But, by now I probably have enough anger to get my muse working again, right Wendy?

Anyway the stereotypical asian thing to do now is avoid your parents for however long until they decide to start talking to you. Which sucks since my dad hangs out in the kitchen. When they act like they hate you it means they love you but think you're fucking retarded XD

Okay, since it's all ff people, reccommend me some fic now that I feel like reading again. (I'm e-literit.) I may read Inuyasha, Bleach, Card Captor Sakura, Champloo .. pretty much it. Or, music :D I'll listen to anything.

Final thought I promise. Do you ever feel like you're just in the wrong zone or something? Bad analogy. The wrong umm...element. Like I don't feel like I'm 18. Or going to college. Yet I feel a little more intelligent then others. I'll have to think about that somemore. Bye lovelies.
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[18 Jun 2006|03:36am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

It's hot. And I miss the_firefly.

Now that that's out of the way, hello. =)

This is my graduation dilemma.

Big damn cut.Collapse )

Essentially, because I won a scholarship, the school wants me to attend their graduation. If I don't, she'll take my name off the program and I will be a nameless, faceless entity, just like I have been already for 4 years. If I do go, I won't have to pay the $70, I'll have to walk the stage and have people wonder who I am and have that stupid place take credit for something they had nothing to do with, to make themselves feel better and look better. And I'll be a big damn tool. Yes? No?

Anyway, what's new and exciting? I'll ask you a question then. What was/is your college major?

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[24 May 2006|12:04am]
Okay, okay. I'm over it now.

AND! After this totally painintheasspieceofshit school year, and I GRADUATE!1 I'll have a whole two months to waste. I wanna write (dude! who reads IY fanfiction anymore, lol) and do some stuff that I never got around to doing. And NO I'm not bitter one person remembered my birthday, lol. Thank you to said person <3. I'm not bitter. Yeah. And then I'm off to major in IT. Gah.

Around 22 days left, counting exams. Everyone count down with me.
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[04 Apr 2006|01:30am]

Damn UofT wants to be different from the others. They'll crack. I know it.
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[04 Jan 2006|10:37pm]
AHHhhHHHHHhhH HEAR THAT? It's the sound of neglect. =(

But! AND I mean BUT! I have finally finished applying to university (grr) and fighting with my family. Did any of you in the states have to pay for applications? Here it was 100$ base fee for three programs, and every program after that was 33$ more. If it was free I would have applied to everything. So yeah. But only four. 133$.

I feel like a lazy underachiever. The sad part is that I don't need anyone to tell me I have potential. =( Because I know I am capable, but I'm just not motivated/bitter/lazy. I also sleep funny. Like I wake up at nighttime. And sleep in the morning. Like a vampire. Can't imagine why my parents hate that. :)

And I've been avoiding AIM because of an incident which involves an internet crazy.

I know I've been making my superloverly nekoee wait for her presents but =(. I'm working hard and now that I've applied I can probably get to you know, sending them over if I could stop freaking out about thin envelopes with my name address on them and REJECTED! REJECTED! and stamped all over.


Oh and watch bleach. =D
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