My hopes are so high your kiss might kill me

So wont you kill me, so i die happy.

5 August
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You remind me of an old film i use to LOVE.

Kymberlee. Kymbah. Lee. Kitty.
Call me by either one and ill answer you </3>nerd
to trade mixed tapes with and to fall asleep in each others arms listing to dashboard. music is my oxygen and love is precious. hugs make my world go round and spongebob makes my world go square. i love trampolins, no matter how old you are they make you feel ten again. poetry is a-way of releasing the crazy thoughts that float around in my head </3>uncool</i> but emo rad.
i live in my own fantasy world and thats where i plan on staying. I heart <3 his smile and love his ways. everything about me is wrong but you'll find me right.

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