February 20th, 2006

(no subject)

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Anderson,

I am writing to express my concern about Will's deportment during the first half of his eighth grade year. He has experienced numerous difficulties in meeting the expectations of Windward during this time.

Among the troubling issues are:

•Will is engaging in harassment, teasing, and other CRUEL behavior directed at his windward classmates
•Will was found with his cellular phone in class, a violation of school rules. More troubling, the phone had a picture of another boy in the 8th grade class, taken without his consent, and labeled with a derogatory caption.
•Will threw and shattered a glass bottle during nutrition, endangering the students around him
•Teachers have reported numerous instances of Will being disruptive during class, by carrying side conversations. They report that this behavior persists, even when they ask him to stop
•On several occassions, when required to meet with his English teacher during lunch after misbehaving in class, Will has failed to do so.
•Will has been tardy to class on an excessive number of occasions. he has been warned and disciplined (beaten) for his tardiness on several occasions, but the issue continues.
• Will has frequently neglected or refused (hahahah, yes i refuse) to dress in the required uniform for his PE class

As a result of this pattern of unacceptable behavior, Will is being placed on behavioral PROBATION. at the conclusion of the year, the Counceling Committee will make a recommendation to the Head of School (aka me) as to whether Will should be allowed to return to Windward for 9th grade. If WIll has any other behavioral issues, he may be aksed to leave windward prior to the end of school

As part of his PROBATION, The school is requiring that Will begin a coucneling program (aka rehab). because of Will's behavipor has caused EMOTIONAL HARM and PHYSICAL DANGER to other students at Windward, it is nesscary that he begin rehab concelling IMMEDITELY

All of us (even the janiotrs, they did not like cleaing up glass) would like to see Will improve his behavior. We would like to see Will find a way to conncect to the Windward community in a posotive manner (INSTEAD OF FUCKING EVERYONE OVER). we are ANXIOUS (ADD) to work with you and will to make this happend (baby). Please feel free to contact Tammy or me if you would like to discuss his (naughyt, yet sexy) behavior

from (love),

directior of the middle school star wars