February 7th, 2006

(no subject)

I cannot express how fucking overwhelmed I feel right now. I have 5 midterms in the next week. And I am not studying. I cannot. I don’t understand Spanish. Science. Math. Ive forgotten everything in History and English. I feel like there is no hope for these exams. I am going to do horribly. I know it. I am so stressed. And the thing is that I can study. I can study and work hard for the next few days. And maybe I will do better. I can organize all my tests, make flash card. But I cannot. I am too fucking lazy and stupid to begin studying. I am too afraid to open up the books and not understand something. I should be studying now but im doing this fucking gay shitfuck.

I have spent the entire day on myspace. and watching Transamerica.

i should be killed now