January 22nd, 2006

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yesterday I walked alot. I went to the brentwood gardens. then played a really fun game with Claire & Cobb & Sam for a really really really long time. then we took the bus to zen zoo. and then we were there for a really long time. Then me and claire and sam walked to her house. then cobb ran. and we harassed Daniael Sinay. sorry!

we went to longs drugs and stole a Magnum XL condom. perfect fit.

then me and cobb and sam walked to the brentwood gardens. and searched it.

but nobody was there. so then we went to look for the Sandwitch Shop. but it was closed.

then we took the bus to the proemande and there was a CRAZY FAT BITCH. who had a weird vagina area. it was also fat.

it was cold at the proemnade. we saw justine...

and we stalked Tina for a while...it was kinda creepy

now im gonna go use my new condom on Laura Johnson...brb
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