January 5th, 2006

(no subject)

I just was like screaming at my parents for 20 minutes straight. it was exausting


Danniel Sinay, this is not an attack in any way at all. so please done get upset. But you were in 8th garde last year. you arent done with 9th garde yet. You cant just blame all your problems on 8th garders. In fact I know 8th graders that are older then you. Having a livejournal = gay drama shit. Personality depeends somewhat on age (or grade) but it depends very little. I am immature. Leyla Ostin is extrremely mature. Saying that only 8th graders start drama and are annoying etc. is simply not true. You start drama alot. what grade you are does not determine youre character. and blaming on that is a stuoid way to look at things. it may be easier to just chategorize, but its not the right way

i just reread that. it made no scence. and it waas at attack. im sorry