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4 December


Hey all! My name is Michelle, I'm 13 & this is my awsome new

journal!! The old one was bananaxburst but now I've got

this one =) I'm still searching for a new username though. I stand

tall at 4'10" which isn't very tall to begin with. So don't mock

the vertically challenged! I'm not afraid to kick your butt. I'm very

outspoken at times and I can have a good time when I want to. I'm also a

huge smart ass and I love to be sarcastic. I've got brown hair with newly dyed

blonde highlights. I've got brown eyes and could possibly be seen wearing glasses

in school. I'm not much of a sports person but I do want to try cheerleading

and I'm a kick ass volleyball server. I can't play basketball for my life but

I can catch a football when I try. I'm pretty good at soccer but it's not really
my thing. I love to dance around my house and act silly. And you can always hear

me singing in my car or when I'm listening to my iPOD mini. I can't be labeled
because I just fit in everywhere. I've also got brains the size of mars! I am sooo

smarter then you and I have proof. One odd and amazing fact about me is, I was able

to speak Russian at the age of two. I learned it at this daycare center I went

to for a year but since no one in my family knows Russian I eventually forgot it.

Oh wells, at least I'm learing Spanish. You'd think I'd know it by now seeing as

my whole family is 100% Hispanic. HISPANIC PRIDE BABY!


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