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My first batch of pretty good icons. I'm thinking 4 batches of 25 icons. I can never seem to do more than 25 in one sitting. So here's batch #1...


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Friends Cut! *snip snip*

This is not personal! I don't make friends cuts based on you but on me. I just wanted to clear my list. Some of this list is for memory only.

dark_melodic - a graphics journal that moved.
decaylikeleaves - another graphics journal that moved.
leslie_xxo - i hardly read your journal and it's not fair that i dont comment you.
onewayticket__ - you cut me and i guess i never realized. lols. we didn't click either way.
paintedflowers - same as leslie_xxo.
xxpinkxxx - same.
glambella - again the same.

I'm sorry to those I cut but please don't get mad. If you have been cut please remove me from your friends. Thank you! I also left a bunch of communities as well.
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okay i swear this will be the last time i ever ask again. would anyone be willing to spend a little money and buy me paid time. it just 7 dollars (5 dollars for 2months time & 2 dollars extra for extra userpics). i've asked my ljfriends but no one seems like they can. so i'm asking everyone else. i'm kind of desperate. my mom won't let me but since my birthday is right around the corner (december 4th) would anyone be willing? also, christmas is almost here too. it'd be a wonderful present.
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WEEEE! I got a job as a mod an an mka icon community. I'm very happy at the moment. Also, I have decided to make that Alexis Bledel site. It will be Alexis Bledel Web. Take that site name and die! Thank you guys for your advice =)♥

Everyone please join ___________mka! It's a
marykate & ashley icon community. I'm a mod there
and we have little members. Please join! Also, we are
looking for more makers and affiliates so go apply!
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Everyone please join/enter ___othchallenge! I run the
community and no one is entering. Please join and enter! Also,I
may be looking for a co-moderator so if you want the job comment
here =)
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i'm still on hiatus but i felt i should post this.

Someone is leaving comments on open posts on LJ. If you click on the link in the comment, it will upload a virus. Here is a sample of what the comment looks like:

Hello nardasarmy, i saw something like this at...

Then you're given a link to an LJ post using the URL but when you hover over it, it shows up as a link to somewhere else, an art-attack.com/users address. The "nardasarmy" bit changes to whatever the journal name they are posting the comment in.

Please, please, please be careful about clicking links left in comments over the next couple days. Hover your mouse over them without clicking and make sure you're not being tricked in some way.

taken from maybetomorrow.PLEASE share this with everyone. FOR MORE INFO GO HERE (and they tell you how you can take off maybe the virus http://www.livejournal.com/community/iconrants/59826.html )
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