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[January 27, 2015 | 9:46pm]
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[January 13, 2015 | 7:44pm]
You're part of something.
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[January 11, 2015 | 12:58am]
Fuck bein' down.
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[December 25, 2014 | 4:44pm]
I'm kinda dreading my birthday tmw. :c
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[April 14, 2014 | 4:42am]
Most of all,
I miss you
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[November 22, 2013 | 1:34am]
dont forget to leave a light on
dont forget to try to move on
dont forget that you can be strong

be strong
be strong
coz youve got a little light shining in your heart
in your heart

youre beautiful
youre unsure

but youve got a little light shining in your heart
in your heart
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:) [November 14, 2013 | 1:50pm]
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[April 19, 2013 | 12:07am]
I guess it's just one of those nights...

I feel mad lonely.
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disappointment [January 11, 2013 | 3:31am]

but i'm resilient, it's all good
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[December 2, 2012 | 12:59am]
Do I divide and fall apart?
Because my bright is too slight to hold back all my dark.
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[November 19, 2012 | 12:39pm]
For billions of years since the outset of time, every single one of your ancestors survived. Every single person on your mom and dad's side successfully looked after and passed onto your life. What are the chances of that like? It comes to me once in a while. And everywhere I tell folk, it gets the best smile.
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[November 19, 2012 | 12:02am]
Pull it out, turn it up, what's your favorite song?
That's mine, I've been crying to it since I was young
I know there's someone out there feeling just like I feel
I know they're waiting up, I know they're waiting to hear
And I've been holding my breath
Are you holding your breath
For too many years to count?
Too many years to count...

And we waited for the sirens that never come
And we only write by the moon
Every word handwritten
And to ease the loss of youth
And how many years I've missed you

Pages plead forgiveness
Every word handwritten

Let it out, let me in, take a hold of my hand
There's nothing like another soul that's been cut up the same

And did you want to drive without a word in between?
I can understand, you need a minute to breathe
And to sew up the seams after all this defeat
All this defeat

Here in the dark, I cherish the moonlight
I'm in love with the way you're in love with the night
And it travels from heart to limb to pen

And we waited for the sirens that never come
And we only write by the moon
Every word handwritten
Every word handwritten

And with this pen, I thee wed
From my heart to your distress

Every word handwritten
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[November 11, 2012 | 12:31am]
Well you know grey's my favorite color
I felt so symbolic yesterday
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[November 8, 2012 | 5:23pm]
I know that time heals all wounds.
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[November 4, 2012 | 1:40am]
Swollen orange and light let through
Your one piece swimmer stuck to you

Sold, I'm Ever
Open ears and open eyes
Wake up to your starboard bride
Who goes in and then stays inside
Oh the demons come, they can subside
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[November 3, 2012 | 11:49pm]
Poured myself a warm glass, and laid awake
I prayed that with my soul to take
I thought about you all day, yeah we have the same face
I fell asleep so confused, parts of me remind me of you
How could I ever wish away?
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[October 20, 2012 | 1:51pm]
I run out to meet you when I knew a storm had come
And I felt the rain on your face and the damage you had done
I know what you're thinking, that this will never be the end
But when the storm is over, you wont see me again.
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[October 19, 2012 | 7:46pm]
And god knows I'm not dying but I breathe now
And god knows its the only way to heal now
and all the blood I lost with you
it drowns the love I thought I knew
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[October 13, 2012 | 3:06am]
I would walk with my people if I could find them
and I'd say that I'm sorry to you, I'm sorry to you
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[September 22, 2012 | 12:50am]
Don't give up on the dream.. Don't give up on the wanting... and everything that's true
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