July 29th, 2014

princess and the frog

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Panic! at the Disco frontman Brendon Urie is on the Westboro Baptist Church's shit list - who isn't? - and he couldn't be happier about it.

Laughing off the recent protest that took place during a Kansas City stop on the band's "Gospel Tour," Urie, who revealed in our interview late last year that he's a "straight dabbler," high fives me as I greet him. Backstage, hours before the trio relays a message of love and unity to a Detroit crowd, I mention the tweet the troll-y "church" sent out, condemning both of us for our "fag sins."

"We fucking did it!" he says, elated that his outspokenness regarding LGBT issues - and his own sexuality - has reached far enough to get a rise out of the WBC. "Whatever gets them pissed off, I love."

Just wait till they read what he has to say about having the hots for Ryan Gosling.

Honestly, I'm constantly running around the stage humping the air, humping my bandmates - so yeah, it gets a little sexy...Collapse )

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