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____slowxdown's Journal

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22 October 1989
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i am: julie, 22 years old, a fiance, an old soul, a free bitch, fat and sassy, a senior at western kentucky university, a journalism major/former deutsch minor replaced by creative writing, a student worker, interested in everything, a sarcasm extraordinaire, a sucker for oldies, thrifty, a shopaholic, a workaholic, a partier, unwilling to trust, a smoker, a social drinker, a holder of high standards, an avid animal lover, a loner, a lover, moderately tattooed, an advocate for peace, love, and equal rights, a movie junkie, a person who loves to sleep in a freezing cold room, an incense burner, a compulsive stuff-buyer (keep me away from tj maxx), etc. i want to travel the world and find awesome things and people. i hope to live in england or somewhere else in europe someday. i love: books, movies, quilts and patchwork, pillows and blankets, music, love, researching, vinyl, journalism, burning incense, etc.

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MSN: julie.anne.sneath@live.com
email: julie.anne.sneath@live.com

i'm pretty cool.

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