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i had a feeling that you were the bad witch

where are my red shoes?>?

pop yo collar biatch
28 January
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my name is stephanie, i like bright colors and polka dots. music and photography are my best friends. nicole richie kim ringer is my bitch, and i like to sleep all day. i'm sixteen and i still believe in fairies. i like to break the rules, and piercings make me hot. i like boys with long hair, and boys who can play guitar. (basically: boys in general) i have no problem telling you what i think of you, or anyone else for that matter. i'm rude, i'm crude, and i'm the fucking coolest skank around. you aren't worthy of my time, so don't pretend like you are. KAYTHANX, love you, bitches!

she's got a little bit of somethin & god its better than nothin*
berry blue lizard brew, collide (howie day), diet dr k, junior year (senior high!), kissing :-*:-*, laughing (at everything), making out*, mango/peach, pb shakes, photography (snapsnap), postal service, rockin the dance floor, sleeping my life away, summer of oh/four, swinging♥, talking in different tongues, wind blowing my hair, windows down&music up, ~bein gangster