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i had a feeling that you were the bad witch [entries|friends|calendar]
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[05 Oct 2006|01:59pm]
i'm making a new lj.

but just for your info [if anyone actually reads this anymore..] i'm a senior! i don't work at bk anymore, i quit like a month ago, i work at taco bell in ashland now. brandy and i still and never will talk again she's screwing her life up so bad. tracy is pregnant, she's having a boy. kaleb [or kalob they haven't decided yet] he's due on february 1st. jen had her baby on september 6th his name is anythony richard, he's adorable.

that's about it. if you want to know my new lj, just comment and i'll let you know :D
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[25 Jun 2006|11:48pm]
[ mood | awake ]

suuuup pimpin?

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[10 Oct 2005|09:27pm]
[ mood | tired ]

i wrote this yesterday

alot has been going on lately and i just haven't had time to update with school, work, and friends. right now i'm grounded from everything including the internet so i can't sign on, but i'll write this and post it whenever i'm ungrounded anyway.

well i can't remember everything that has been going on but i can still give you a brief idea. about a week ago my dad said he was going to take me to look for a homecoming dress on tuesday after school and during that time some druggy lady came up from savannah georgia and he had blown me off 3 times, like we were suppose to meet up friday after i got off work at a football game, and he never showed. and then he called me the day we were suppose to go looking for my dress and was 9128391832123 hours late, and i was all dressed and waiting for him come to find out he's shopping with that fucking hooker. so me and brandy went to fashion bug where they were and i went the fuck off on him and his dumb broad, and he thought he was going to be a smartass and call me 'sandy' (which is my moms name) and that really pissed me off so i walked out behind him and was like 'you know what you dumb fuck i'd rather be called sandy than ron arnett because atleast sandy was there for me when your fucking ass was sitting in prison for 7 years' and then i got all up in that whores face and i was like 'well i hope you're happy cause this is the 3rd time he said we were gonna do something together and didn't even have enough balls to tell me we weren't, so he's here shopping with you, some fucking skank from savannah when he was suppose to be with his daughter picking out her homecoming dress' and i started crying and fucking left.

we started cutting hair in cosmetology, it's so much fun and it's alot easier than everything else. so far we've only done the two basic cuts for girls hair, including the one you need to pass stateboard. i got my interims and got everything i thought i would all a's and an f in algebra because mr. cote said i didn't turn in a bunch of papers, and i know i did.

yesterday was sharvae's 18th birthday and she wanted me to take her shopping so we went to the mall and then to burlington, and then to gabes, and back to burlington and then to some hair place and then i had to go home lol.

today was pretty fucking shitty because i didn't feel good when i woke up and my back was fucking killing me for god knows why and i had to work from 5-10 this evening and i just didn't feel good so i went to lay down and call off and the fucking phone didn't work because my mom was online and wouldn't get off so i went to sleep and my boss called like 3 times and i wouldn't talk so she finally called back and my mom told her i was sick and apparently i got wrote up. you know what i could fucking careless because i hate those snotty ass peole over there anyway, and i plan on quitting because i can find a better job where i don't have to put up with all that shit, there's nothing i hate more than fucking snotty ass people who think they're better than everybody else and can run everybody else. pisses me the fuck off.

so i went to brandy's and played with chey and taught her to say hooker, it was great. and me and brandy went to burger king and got milkshakes because we're cool and we can. and now i'm sitting here bored out of my mind getting yelled at by my bitchy ass mother about god knows what.

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[28 Feb 2005|07:24pm]
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[14 Sep 2004|09:59pm]
[ mood | bored ]


live dangerously: add me, you might get added back.

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