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____shelovesyou's Journal

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abercrombie, adam brody, anything acoustic, anything british, arizona, ashlee simpson, ballet flats, baseball, bass guitars, beaches, being hyper, big sunglasses, billie joe armstrong, blue eyes, bolton, bonnie mckee, boondock saints, boys, brand new, brie larson, british accents, british boys, brunettes, busted, cd:uk, chanel, charlie simpson, charlie simpson's body, chelmsford, coach, computers, converse, cowboys, danny jones, danny jones' smile, daphne loves derby, death cab for cutie, denim, dougie poynter, dougie poynter's hair, draco malfoy, emma watson, england, essex, fall out boy, fastpitch softball, fightstar, flip flops, fun earrings, girls aloud, graphic arts, green day, guitars, harry judd, harry judd's eyes, harry potter, haylie duff, hellogoodbye, hilary duff, hollister, hoodies, horses, james bourne, james taylor, jeans, jesse mccartney, john mayer, johnny cash, josh stewart, joss stone, juicy couture, kelly clarkson, lacoste, lindsay lohan, livejournal, lj icons, london, london sole, louis vuitton, love, manchester united, marc jacobs, maria mena, maroon 5, mascara, matt willis, matt willis' laugh, matthew fletcher, mcfly, mercedes, michael kors, milan, mini skirts, mirrors, musicians, my chemical romance, my hair, my laptop, natasha bedingfield, necklaces, new york city, nicole richie, norman reedus, paintshop pro, paris, pearls, polo shirts, popworld, preps, rachel bilson, ratvision, relient k, rome, ron weasley, rupert grint, ryan cabrera, saks fifth avenue, sean patrick flannery, simon amstell, simple plan, skinny guys, soccer, something corporate, teal, the beatles, the cold, the desert, the hilton sisters, the killers, the oc, the olsen sisters, the red sox, the starting line, the used, theo epstein, tom felton, tom fletcher, tom fletcher's dimple, totp, turquoise, tyler hilton, uggs, unwritten law, will simpson, winter, yellow, yellowcard, zip up jackets, ,