a whirlpool of confusion

i swear i dont know what i'm going to lose first...

my life or my sanity

i swear i dont knwo what i'm going to do first...

scream or cry

i swear i dont know what i want more...

the hardships of love or the sadness of being alone

i swear i dont know what i need...

love or aloness

but i swear i know what i want...

and it's you

I'm in a horrible mood. I haven't talked to him in three days and I feel like I'm going crazy. I don't want to admit it, but I like him.. I really like him..
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I had fun this weekend for the first time. I saw Ring 2 on Friday with Hanna, Tricia, && Alex. Then, omg are weekdays capitalized?? Oh gosh! I can't remember! Uh.. Then saturday.. no! Then Saturday me && Cort went to the mall for like 7 hours and then she came back over here and spent the night and we had the best time swinging on my swings at 12 in the morning talking. How fun! Yay! Okay well I'm gonna go! BYE!

I'm growing fonder of you everyday..
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Well, guess what?! I hugged Michael today at lunch! How exciting! Ah that's my new phrase haha. I always say "how exciting!" Eh. Weird. Yeah, well I very much enjoyed hugging him! Too bad he's going to his dad's this weekend.. =\ Oh well there's always next weekend to hang out! Especially since it's spring break! Yay. Well love you guys!

And the world will still keep turning even without you in it..
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I, uh, failed my midterms! Woohoo! But don't anyone worry because so far I've made all A's on my final grade, oddly enough.. Oh well! An A's an A! Woohoo! Yes, well.. THE END!

&& stealing candy from a baby has never looked so good..

the plant the anvil and the buzzard..

Today was harmful to my brain.. too much thinking in such a short period of time. Midterms suck. I had to cheat on my first one and I got caught, but our teacher didn't so anything she just told me to put it away. Science was confusing. Mr. P even told us we hadn't learned some of the stuff on it and we weren't even suposed to and he didn't know why it was on there in the first place.

I realized last night how much I hate getting out of the shower. It sucks. I mean I hate being all warm and then having to get out with nothing on but a towel and then being all wet and awkward. Not to mention I look like a wreck when I get out of the shower.. Ugh.

The tavern is opening in a month! Thank God. I dont think I'd be able to live without that place and all the gorgeous guys that go there.

Today lunch was fun. We told corny jokes off the top of our head and had a jolly old time. Yes, I just said "jolly." Screw you if you think its wierd. Michael came over and all I could say was hi. Unfortunately. Shyness is a curse, I must say.

Finished up our essay part of the test in English. Great fun. It was pretty easy actually. Then I laughed at Steven for trying to throw his paper on the desk and he missed. So he put a piece of tape on my back and said "Well, atleast I dont have tape stuck in my hair" Then I made him take it out... Later I made him give me a starburst and he said only if I give him a bj. Of course I accepted.. who wouldn't? Haha.

English and Health Mid-terms tomorrow. I can't wait.
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a bad day.. what'd you expect

Yes, I had a bad day. I guess I was due for one anyways.. I hate bad days and it always seems that everything seems to get worse, but it always makes me wonder if my day would have been as bad if I hadn't thought it was a bad day.. you know? Maybe it's like all in my head or something. Yeah, well either way, it sucked Ugh. I need new clothes, by the way. My clothes are getting on my nerves for no certain reason at all except the fact that the last time I bought new clothes was probably around Christmas... Welcome to the Broke Life! Woohoo... he he.. no. Yeah, well I guess I should be studying for mid-terms. Haha yeah right, that's never going to happen. You'll find me freaking out minutes before trying to write as much notes as I can on my hand. Haha. That's me for you.. Yeah, well I'm going to go! kbye.
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+/- of my day..


+++ saw him ♥
++ my partner didn't get mad at me for the ugly job i did on our project
+ i heard the funniest, cutest thing from someone and it made me laugh


--- my skirt kept getting pushed around and people kept pulling it up..
-- i, uh, got kicked out of my lunch table!..how uncool is that?!
- i have a huge english test tomorrow that's going to last 2 days and then the day after that will be midterms. yay.

I'm bored, let's fuck! =)
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