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20th-Oct-2008 03:14 am(no subject)
I really don't want to turn 20. It's so close and I don't even fully realize it yet. but fuck it. butt fuck it. i'm thinking about planning a campout perhaps in the everglades with good friends. possibly early november. i haven't planned anything since i was a freshman in high school. which was a very long time ago. something like 7 years. yep. so we'll see how this turns out. let me know if you want to be in on this and provide me with suggestions please. maybe if you know a better place to do this. because mosqitoes and/or alligators might become a buzz kill. g'night fellas.
16th-Sep-2008 02:37 am(no subject)
so the past three nights i've been at a concert. saturday i shot the drive-by truckers at revolution. they uploaded my pix to the revolution website today if anyone wants to check them out. he didn't post all of the ones i sent him though but he never does. but i was pretty happy with them. i'm also pretty happy that of montreal is playing at revolution in december WITH the one and only fiery furnaces. i'll get to go for free and shoot the concert as long as craig doesn't give the spot to someone else. i'm confident i'll get it though. welll that is all for tonight and love is all you need to know and all you need to know is love is all you need to know.
27th-Aug-2008 12:06 am(no subject)
oh i have waited so long for of montreal to release a new album. it's beautiful. who's going to see them in atlanta on november 8?
i believe i'm moving to miami pretty soon. it's pretty exiting. shit's good.
24th-Jul-2008 08:27 pm(no subject)
so i went to a music festival as an official photographer over fourth of july weekend and here are some of the pictures that i took:
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11th-Jul-2008 12:51 pm(no subject)
it's taken me this long to realize how full of opportunity life is. there's so much for me to take in right now. all the luck, all the love. i feel amazing.

rothbury photo blog coming soon!
12th-Nov-2007 09:09 pm - Flamingo Gardens
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22nd-Oct-2007 11:25 pm(no subject)

next step: learn how to use it.
29th-Nov-2006 10:51 pm(no subject)
I've never been so sad to see a month come to an end. I've never really thought anything of months at all. But this month has been truely amazing. I've been to some of the best concerts of my life this month. I've probably created more good memories in the month of November than an average entire year. But most were in the early november. lawl
And for once i'm looking forward to my future.
25th-Jul-2006 05:07 pm(no subject)
This morning i got a fanny pack rain jacket in the mail from someone anonymous. It was a nice surprise.
I finally set up this new desk in my room and it's taking some getting used to. i'd take a picture but i can't find my camera. Tonight i won't know what to o with myself since i just spent all my cash on new clothes. TJ max has an outstanding boys section.
That is all.
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