Hello'v getting a new journal.
I don't know when.
But it will be nice.

This is a warning and be on the lookout.
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No. It is not August 8th. It's the 26th.

E-mail to Anton:
Dear lover face,

'Why You Shouldn't Call the Police Pigs'

Pigs mind their own business
Cops don't

Pigs have curly tails
Cops have guns, capsicum gas, boots, fists...

Pigs are very intelligent creatures
Cops have animal cunning, but are basically fucking stupid

Pigs shit in their stalls
Cops shit on the people

Pigs grunt when they're happy - like when they've been fed
Cops grunt when they're happy - like when they're beating someone up.

Pigs are our friends
Cops are our enemies.

Police - calling them pigs is an insult to pigs
(we recommend you call them filth)

your female counterpart
//end of e-mail

PS - I know, a lot of my entires, for some reason, back dated themselves to August 8th. So, pay not -attention to the dates. They are not all posted on August 8th. Just casually forget to read the dates on my entires and you'll be fine.
Oh, and my birthday is in 3 days!

Lervin Lyfe,
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It's terrible.
When I want some one, I want them. And it's an incredible feeling.
But when I get them, and realise they want me too, that feeling goes away, and I just want them to leave.
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Fuck me gently with a chain saw.

It was my uncle Kevin and aunty psycho bitch, Lyn's birthday dinner at the Los Altos Grill. My family is pretty loud and crazy and family get togethers are usually pretty entertaining, so I brought my wifey, Courtney, with me. We took a bunch of pictures. We also decided that mi familia probably thinks that me and Courtney are lesbians. Wutevz.


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meh meh mehm.

Going to Great America today. I need to sell a ticket. I have a VIP pass but I told my mom I didn't so I asked for money to pay for a ticket and she went online and bought one instead. I needed money to buy lunch, since lunch costs an arm&leg there. I also, honeslty, want to treat myself to dip n dots, or ice cream on a cone, dipped in hot fudge. So much money, and I am not going to get food if I have a print out ticket that I don't need. I really don't need to go to Great America, but, being inside and wasting away for 2 days in a row = Lame. I won't settle for lame, not on my summer vacaye I won't!

Anywhoo. The boyfrazzle called yesterday. It's dumb really, I think about him all the time and I have all these things to tell him but my mind completely blanks when he calls. Stupid stupid. But ah! I can't wait to see him again. For serious. Geez I'm such a sap. Dangit.

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A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you've been taking.

I've been in San Jose for two days. And I think I'll be here for a few more days. I'm re-visiting people I haven't seen in a year and hanging out with people I've just met. It's pretty chill and all, and a good break. I am always talking about a good break from the place I live in. Normally, Palo Alto is the place I go each day for a temporary escape, but I always return home at the end of the day. Now I am settled in, in a camper in the front yard at my dad's house. It's cozy, and has all my living necessities. It's perfect, for now. I miss my friend's back home, but I will see them soon. I am on a long awaited vacation.

Also, to annoy you.
65ho, "408 4LYFE!!"

I also have summer camp in a week; I will be a C-I-T this year. I will be bossing around little kids and hanging out with other C-I-T'z that I used to be campers with when I was younger. I used tyo dread camp, but I have come to realise that tt will be a fun. Nature actually effects your body and mind more then you think. It releases endorphins and from this, being in 'one with the wild' makes you a happier person. This is why we should all go camping a little but more. It's also a great break from the chains of technology, and that prison in front of your computer that you mindlessly spend hours in front of each day. I say, Live life, be happy.

I am living up to my moto's right now; for once. Rad.

Well I am going swimming right now and yeah, I've been working on a tan. That's pretty awesome since I am pale as a ghost. It's also hotter then the hubs of hell and I need a little refreshment. I am totaly making margaritas later.

Youth is a disease from which we all recover.
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Ugly or pretty, it's still my city.

I just got home. Tonight had to be one of the best night's I've had in a long while.
Dehrek showed up late, which was understandable since I tend to do the same. We drove to the city, and almost got lost a few times on the way to the movie theater. When we got there I realised it was the "Lumiere" theater and was psyched.Dehrek threatened to buy my ticket but I wouldn't have it. He bought a large popcorn and I got a soda, I let the guy behind the counter pick the flavor since Dehrek and I couldn't decide.

We got our seats in the middle of one of the back rows. We watched the movie, I almost fell asleep at some parts, but managed. I think it was because of my lack of sleep the past few days. He walked around the car and opened my door for me, which was pretty sweet of him. We drove around aimlessly and decided to get some coffee. Muddy Water was closed, a place on Valencia and 16th, that I remember from the protest last month. We found another place that was closing in 5 minutes, just enough time for us both to get green tea and cookies.

We walked around a bit and then sat in the car and talked. He opened my door like he did before, trying to be a gentleman. Then... we decided to get lost.
"I am going to drive to 19th, and then turn left and drive until we can't drive anymore"

So he did, then once we couldn't drive anymore we turned and drove around more aimlessly. We started getting to the steap hills and downhills. The views were amazing, as were the lights and just everything was gorgeous. We drove down Castro and I people watched. Then we ended up on the free way some how driving home, a place I wasn't ready to go back to just yet. So, we drove into Belmont and parked in the backstreets by some old church and laid back our seats and talked for about an hour. Then I suggested on the way home, when the time came, we stop by Canada College for the amazing view.

So we get to Canada College awhile later and we turn off the lights, and the view, it's just... breath taking. The city lights against the pitch black sky and... wow.. perfection. And then, BOOM! Not even 2 minutes later the 5-0 have their lights shining on Dehrek's car and 2 pigs are walking up to the car, flashlights at hand. 2 other cop cars roll up as well, which was pointless. But it does look suspicious with a 20 year old and a 17 year old parked in the dark, even though like Dehrek said, "Can't people just park to talk and admire the view?"
They take our information and waste our time with their stupid nonsence and send us packing.

Then he drove me home, and we exchanged hugs good-bye. I didn't give a good enough hug at first so I had to try again, he said. As I was getting out he told me to call him if I wanted to hang out again some time, and said he could try and pencil me in. It was pretty cute.
I walked up my drive way and he drove off, and golly I hope he made it home okay. He had such a hard time finding my house earlier, I wouldn't be suprised if he was still out there driving around in circles.
It definatly was a wonderful night. I had a great time and hope we can do it again soon.

"Will you stay here for a while, dear, 'til the radio plays something familiar?"
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I am kinda feeling low. I hate people that waste my time. By time I mean 12 years. Stupid people and their stupid shittiness, gyah. Ah, oh well. You win some you lose some. Can't sit and cry about it forever.
On a different stroke, Dehrek will be here any second. Spending the night in the city should be a good break from this god forsaken town... and this old house. So, tonight should be fun.
Wish me luck!

Friendship shouldn't be one-sided :[
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