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I woke last night to the sound of thunder.
How far off, I sat and wondered.
Started humming a song from 1962...
Ain't it funny how the night moves
When you just don't seem to have as much to lose?
Strange how the night moves
With autumn closing in.

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I do believe there's a Jimi Hendrix song for every single one of my moods! Isn't that exciting.

Hopefully there's no school tomorrow. I hate winter and I have no idea how it's winter AGAIN, because it just seemed like it was. But not having school all the time is pretty chill, I must admit. I wish it was summer again, though.

Kirsten punched me in the nose the other day and Andrew wouldn't give me my money. Even though him and Tim were going to pay us to fight each other. :( Oh welllllll. I was like, bleeding all over the place in the middle of the cafeteria. It was actually really funny, and it made Kirsten feel guilty, so I guess I won all around, haha.

Partying tomorrow with the mobile unit! Hopefully we're going to Fridays and then going to see Rent, which should be amazing as always! <333

The British kids are gone. I miss them, they were fun. I can't wait until we go to England! I got really excited last night. Does anyone know how fancy that New Years party is supposed to be? Like...dresses fancy? Or just skirts fancy? Does anyone even know what I'm talking about? I didn't think so.
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So yesterday was Thanksgiving, and we went down to my granpa's house to celebrate. It was chill because he lives down the shore now, so me and Kirsten took a hike on the beach. It was weird being there because it was so cold outside. We took lots of pictures though, haha.

Today Kirsten had her first driving lesson. The roads weren't safe before, but they REALLY are not now! Haha. I start on Tuesday, which should really be super fun.

Last night we went to Kelly's house to chill and we rented the Cheerleader Massacre! It was so gross and it turned out just to be cheap porn. COLTRANE!
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Today I decided to take an interest in my life for a few minutes, so I did this online career finder. These are the weirdest things that they came up with:

Architectural Color Designer
Feng Shui Consultant
Orchestra Conductor
Disc Jockey
Fashion Editor
Freelance Writer
High School Drama Teacher
Stand-up Comedian
Music Video Producer
Editorial Cartoonist
High School Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher
Public Speaker

a CLOWN???

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An edge berlin: that confused me on the psat thing
An edge berlin: i was looking for caucasian
An edge berlin: but they had white


Yeah, the PSATs were today. I don't think I did too bad...not that I care all that much...because not like it really, really counts anyway. Eh. I'm kindof in a care less attitude about everything right now.

Practice sucked today. Pete managed to take it to a whole new level and refused to let us eat lunch.

Then I went to church.

It's been a great day.
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