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Just like the incomplete moon, my discouraged blue heart

Mary of the day appeared in the darkness of this room

Porcelain Beauty
19 January
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My main blogging LJ!


Birthday is 1/19.
College Freshman.
Earth/Air element.
Capricorn/Aquarius (Cuspkid).
Year of the Dragon (technically).
Blood Type A+.

I love to read/to write.
I admire anyone who can draw.
I ♥ manga/anime.
And butterflies. Love those little flutterbees! + peacocks
I love learning languages. (only know English and very little French though)
Apparently I'm arrogant with a dash of vanity, but also a speck of self-confidence issues.
schizo too
I can also be terrible shy. ♥

Add me and I'll possibly add you back. Just leave a comment to let me know! ♥



Art by Ngoc Le
Genre : Romance/Slight Humor/Macabre
Rating : PG to PG-13
Status : Part 10 - "Appearance (go in stlye)" = 10% finished

S c e n a r i o is the story of the meeting, romance, and encounters of two young people. There's the 18 yr. old orphan, Mikhail who was raised by his strict, countess gradmother after his mother's death on his 8th birthday, and the bright façade of the charismatic Lanh, a girl raised by a family of world-seers. Their meeting strikes up a series of interesting gatherings and reunions as the years pass and pass until finally the story simply ends for reasons unknown. Mikhail, it seems, has a secret, a secret he is unwilling to share even with his daring companion, a secret lodged into the deepest depths of his mind.

Keep in mind that the definition is important to getting the gist of the story once it's done.

To read, go here : S c e n a r i o Archive Entry

Genre : Fantasy/Sci-Fi/Horror/Mystery/Romance
Rating : PG-13 to R
Status : Planning stages

Eclipse involves the tale of another world, one continent, Étoile, divided into two by war - Lune, the moon empire, and Soleil, the sun land. The different people, the Demons of Lune and the Saints of Soleil, are torn apart by prejudices and spite and even the brief union of the two gods, Cepheus (the King) and Cassiopeia (the Queen), cannot slow the quarl. The "battery" of the demon God, Polaris, encouarges the upheaval, while Andromeda encouarges peace. Warriors on both sides, the Outer fighters and the zodiac try to enforce their sides, until, finally, order is temporarily brought by the sacrifice of lives, and the creation of the name order - where your name determines which side you stand on.

Names are important in deciding on who is for who in this piece.

To read, go here : Eclipse Archive Entry

Photo by A-M. Huff; used with permission
Photo Site: Flickr - Tiki
Genre : Romance/Humor/Murder/Mystery/Supernatural
Rating : PG-13 to R
Status : Re-writing Act 1, Scenes 1 - 4 + new additions

Jean Klein is a play that resulted from an assignment by my creative writing teacher. The play has since taken on a mind of its own and is slowly evolving. I wrote a condensed, quick version that I turned in, but it is currently in the process of being re-written, with hopefully a way better plot. The story begins with Abigail, a young woman who is in desparate hope of seeing her old childhood friend, Nikolas Klein again. She ends up going to his home in the French provence of Alsace and her arrival begins a trail of mysterious murders and occult activites. Hopefully her, Nikolas, Edward, and Claude will actually all grow during this reconstruction period.

Photo by Ngoc Le
Genre : Psychological/Mystery/Supernatural
Rating : PG-13 to R
Status : Prologue being re-written, Chap 1 = 1% finished, planning stages

The Night Garden was created, surprisingly, from the TAKS test. Ha, what a thought. Mind you, this was two years ago, but I have finally gotten the nerve to continue the story of Marie. I've always wanted to write a story involving angels and the like, so this is the result. Marie (last name currently undecided) is the only surviving member of a family of five, surviving a murder by the mere chance that she just was not there at the time. Her parents and two younger siblings (a younger sister and brother, Anna and Alex) were killed, and this incident has caused her to begin a search for the killer (and/or killers) with her friend, Sandra.

Photo by A-M. Huff; used with permission
Photo Site: Flickr - Tiki
Genre : Supernatural
Rating : PG-13 to R
Status : Chapitre 1 being rewritten, Chapitre 2 in progress

Deals with demons and other fun beings of the dark! *note the sarcasm*

To read, go here : Nightingale Archive Entry

Photo by Ngoc Le
Genre : Anything
Rating : Anything
Status : Updated whenever a new piece is written

The short stories, poems, and fanfiction section is exactly what it says. Short stories include the necessary one-shot, the occassional two-shot, and the even rarer three and four-shot. Poetry is a passion. Fanfiction, my dears, is fanfiction. The characters belong to their respected authors and then some. Read the disclaimer on those.


As you can see, this journal is devoted to the writings of one _musikkasten_. ^___^

Want to read?

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