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So today is the first day back from our spring break. I already can't wait to go home, even if I'm only going home for less than 24 hours.

Today I decided I wanted to change. I'm not going to specifically say the change because every time I do, I start to give up. But just know that by my 21st birthday I will be different. Sorry I'm being so vague but I need to mentally set myself up for this.

To start, I began "Biggest Loser: Boot Camp" and the 'weeks 1-2' program KICKED. MY. ASS. Holy crap, I can definitely see this working. :)

Another update is that I think I figured out where I want to go study abroad. SUNY Brockport offers an internship placement program in London. I would take classes at a London university and then be placed in a part-time internship. It isn't tailored specifically for my major, but I'm pretty sure I could find something. Fingers crossed!!


I'm on break, thank fucking god.

That doesn't mean I'm less stressed out or anything, but it's sososo good to be home.

I went and got myself tagged...Collapse )

Feb. 15th, 2010

ARE YOU SERIOUS?!?! no way.

Feb. 3rd, 2010

I am physically and mentally exhausted.

I have been running around with hardly any time to myself, with a full day, from 10 to (at the earliest) 8 pm.

I hate it, I still want to go home very badly but I'm being pulled in every direction possible. Why can't I just have 10 minutes to myself? I don't think I'm asking for much, but apparently I am. It's not like I could schedule my time any differently, either. There's just not enough time in the day.


Jan. 4th, 2010

I just saw Avatar and I really enjoyed it. Sometimes I felt like the connection with the audience was a little too forced, but other than that, the art direction and everything else was fantastic.

And I realize that my last post makes me sound like a selfish brat. I have since gotten over it and learned to appreciate...stuff, I guess.

I went to Montreal for New Years, and it was probably one of the best trips I've ever taken. I was with some of my best friends and we did pretty much everything we could. We all fell in love with Canada and I'm trying to re-figure out my life so I can live there. In all seriousness. Maybe not French Canada, but most definitely considering a move to the Great White North.

Tomorrow, rockerbabyfi12 and I are heading out to Boston to see the Harry Potter Exhibit. Woot!!

Additionally, come the start of this semester, I will be pretty much unreachable. Not only am I the President of my Sorority, but I have a job now, too. So the two of those on top of classes will pretty much be the death of me. Wish me luck!

we need a little Christmas...

for Christmas I got:
Star Trek (on BluRay, so I have to go return that)
Season 1 of Pushing Daisies on DVD (freaking finally!!)
2 tank tops (that are too large. so again, I have to return it)
a patterned shirt and sweater (neither of which are my style...you see where this is going...)
a pair of grey Toms shoes
two pair of holiday socks (I hate wearing socks.)
a microwave pasta/veggie steamer (why the fuck would I want that...)
and a pair of pearl earrings.

So Christmas was kind of a bust, if you ask me. My parents got a 32" flat screen TV, a top-of-the-line nurses kit and a new iPod. All I really wanted was a fucking Kindle/Nook. I've been sleeping/in my room all day because I'm so upset and I can't bring myself to tell my parents how upset I am about this. I don't care if i'm being a brat. clothes and a veggie steamer do not make good gifts when you were expecting at least one big gift.


Merry Christmas, guys.


speaking of teeth, I got my two top wisdom teeth removed today.

I'm in moderate amounts of pain, but it's not too bad with the vicodin. :) I feel kind of ick with the gauze and the ice pack, I have to change the gauze every 30 mins and i can't eat "grainy" things, only soft stuff.

This all happened right before my Gingerbread house party, which kinda sucks, but it was either today or Christmas Eve...so I guess I got lucky.

Final grades came out today!! 3.46 GPA, bitchessss
FUNDAMENTALS OF MARKETING (hardest class ever!!!): C+


bonjour mes nouveaux amis!

Hi there!

Fair warning, I don't post very often, but I'll give you a little bit of an update on my life.

The only update I can really think of is how excited I am for Christmas. I got some awesome presents for my family and friends, especially you, rockerbabyfi12 ;) I always look forward to giving gifts. I get really excited.

I also might get to go to Montreal for New Years Eve. The whole trip, with my best friends Alex and Emily, will only cost us about $200 each, and even though money is kind of tight right now I think my parents are going to figure out a way to send me. Sometimes I feel bad thinking about how much they give up for me to have what I want, but I appreciate them all the more for it. I'm an only child, so why the f not, eh? Strike that. I'm like the antithesis of a bratty only child, even though I tend to get what I want.

Anywho, "Enchanted" is on and I love that movie, so welcome to my journal, new friends!

P.S. Welcome the return of my Christmas icon. I know you love it, takeit28 hehe

Dec. 1st, 2009

I just had to clean out the fridge because all the vegetables in the drawer had gone bad and rotted. I had to throw them all away and then de-mold the drawer. I then told my roommate what I did, because the were all her veggies, and she just says "but I just bought fresh ones."


I wanted to hurl. Side note, she also does not wash her dishes, but leaves them until I can't stand it anymore.

There are only 17 days until I'm done with this semester and hopefully things will change.

newwwww shoessssss

it's my mom's birthday today, too. Woo, family and cake. YESSS