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13 April
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'sup? I'm Ashlyn. & I will kick your ass.

I.M. me. SiSiSi SiLENNCE
formerly ___moshh

Don't you think that I'm AMAZING?...
I have every reason not to leave home today.

my name is ashlyn. i live in a hell hole called altoona, pa. i'm a freshman at keith jhs. wtf. i wish i still lived in beachwood, nj but I WILL BE BACK. i wanna go to fucking south. I BLEED MAROON. whether i have to run away or pay my parents, i'm coming back. i have an amazing boyfriend named dominick. we've been going out since november eighth, 2004. i moved on our six months =/ he means everything to me. i wouldn't trade him for the world <3. my favorite bands are from first to last, underoath, madison, the bled, and hawthorne heights. this list changes frequently but it stays mainly the same. tell me my bands are cliche, i don't really care. i've liked them forever. get the fuck over it. i don't really like rating communities, but i mod one, go figure. ____carcrashhh you should join it. i don't care what people think, and i usually get rejected from rating communities because i don't have a cool hair cut or anything or i don't load on make-up. well, sorry for not being part of your conformist culture, screw off :). i sometimes like myself, and sometimes don't. i'm chubby, but not huge. i'm a very cool person if you get to know me, but most people don't even bother. i would love to learn how to play the drums. i am most definitely straight-edge, but not for a trend. i will always be. i might get killed for this, but i like george bush. i will say it proudly. i run a pretty rad layout community along with my best friend. check it out. wtflayoutszss. no one can change me. i am me. i wear a large variety of clothes, but my favorite are band shirts, hoodies, volcom anything, and jeans. and i can't forget my visor beanies. i love them times a million. i sometimes wear little girl barettes. they're cute <3 i don't wear a lot of make-up. i sometimes don't wear any. but i have like 50 different lipglosses in my purse. you should check it out sometime. my favorite movie is ferris bueller's day off. it will beat your favorite movie to brazil. okay, wanna know more, then im me. SiSiSi SiLENNCE. that's bound to change soon cos i change my screenname's a heck of a lot.

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