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nothing gold can stay
10 March 2009 @ 10:48 am
sometimes things should be public.
survey in pictures.
it rules. you might be in it.

and of course, i cheat, there's more than one picture for several questions.

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nothing gold can stay
31 December 2008 @ 07:55 pm

You guys all rule. Everyone has been so fucking sweet to me about this elvis thing.

Either with saying you're sorry or just keeping my mind off it, you're all so awesome. I love it.


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nothing gold can stay
26 December 2008 @ 10:56 am

Hard timezzzzzz comin ya wayyyy

Seeing cro mags for the first time ever. Pretty cool. I'm not a major fan, but it's still something cool to see. I hope old head fags aren't there though. Phillys known for those douchebags.

I wish the Dom mallory show wasn't today too because I'd really like to go to that. But oh well.

Sidebar tomorrow. Stoked stoked stoked. Sidebar fests ftw. I gotta work for hilda but whatevs. At least I know when I get off it'll be a fuckin party.

What a pointless entry. I just needed something to do while on the phone with hdawg. I'm getting real good at the iPod touch.

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nothing gold can stay
05 November 2008 @ 08:50 pm

busy sleepin ova at da prez's house, bbl.
nothing gold can stay
30 September 2008 @ 01:07 pm
but this is seriously too fucking good for everyone on facebook to miss out one.

plz click and join.

facebook groups 4DW
nothing gold can stay
23 September 2008 @ 03:44 pm
this is my schedule, starting yesterday.


1200-2 shooting.
2-830 school.
830-1130 lindsey, tim, lori, hams (that was fun!)


9-230 class.
230-600 home to develop film.
7-10 ballgame with mom&dad for mom's bday.
after game - type proposal for wednesday, print for thursday.


9-230 class.
3-7 work.


9-3 crit/class
3-530 drive to allentown
530-730 shooting.
730-1000 drive to baltimore
10-? MAYBE rodos toga party


10-3 work.
3-6/7 darkroom.

after all of that, then i finally get my weekend...
i just cried, my back is killing me and i'm completely overwhelmed.

but! my hands smell like photo chemicals and that is worth all of it.

i'm so glad that i have something (multiple things actually) that i am passionate about.
it must really suck to only be passionate about a boy.
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nothing gold can stay
21 September 2008 @ 01:43 pm
i'm going to start posting some photography in here.
i'll start today and i'm going to make them public.

this is mostly random stuff from the past couple of years.
i have a lot that needs scanned/edited.
&when i start getting my projects from this semester together,
i'll start posting them.

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soooooo yeah, add me to flickr or something right here!

i update that pretty regularly, and i'm gonna try to remember to do the same with this.
cause i like feedback and i like my friends to know that i actually do something besides get drunk.
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nothing gold can stay
18 July 2008 @ 12:28 am
since you love to lurk my journal and decode it in every single way (including ways that are completely false and made up in your little fucking brain) i will lay it all out for you PUBLICLY so you know what's going on.

you are a little manipulative slutty fucking bitch.
and i've known you for 4 years, so i'm pretty sure i have a clear idea of who you are.
i met you when you started dating jake riley, and he would finger you outside of deadaboveground's practice space. you were a classy broad at 14 or 15 years old.

you have continued to find ways to hurt him and fuck him over in the past 4 years. most of those ways include fucking him, telling him you love him, then turning around fucking someone else, and then telling jake you never loved him and he means nothing to you. bravo.

at senior week 2007, you called chris lewis wasted, for no reason at all, and started talking shit on his tattoos... congratulations. for starting shit for. no. reason. at. all. you also talked shit on beans, and me, until i got on the phone and made you fucking cry. cause that's what you deserve.

so here we are, 4 years later...and you're still just the same grimy fucking bitch. you'd think you'd grow up some in the past 4 years, but nah. you still just like to start shit for no reason with/between people you don't even know.

you think i didn't know it was you who said something a couple weeks ago to julie about me writing shit about "josh"?? you're the most manipulative, shit-starting, piece of shit person that i have ever met in my life. and looking at my friends page, only one person stood out to me who could've been disregarding anyone's feelings and thoughts just to cause some trouble.

you read the shit in my livejournal...which by the way, you haven't made a non-private post in like 2 years...so you're basically solely using livejournal to check up on/lurk/get dirt on people so you can go do what you do best -- start fucking rumors that aren't true. awesome job.

not everything written in my journal is about josh. in fact, what is about josh, i'll tell you is about josh if you're so fucking interested. you think josh is the only person i know on tour right now? i guess you do, cause that convenient to your little theory that him and i are doing some shady shit. but if you knew anything about me at this point in my life, you'd know that i know several people in bands. and josh is not the only one i know on tour right now. if you'd been reading my livejournal, you'd see that lemon and i broke up. lemon's best friend is klipa. who is in trapped under ice. they just left for a two month tour. right now the only person that lemon wants to see or talk to is ON TOUR. with TRAPPED UNDER ICE. NOT SURROUNDINGS. it's KLIPA. NOT JOSH. DAN KLIPA.

take your fucking theories and shove them up your gappy ass cunt.
you're a shitty whore. everyone knows it. everyone says it.

btw...you're not hurting me...cause i'm not involved in josh and julie.
you're probably really only hurting julie.
maybe you thought you were doing her some favor by running and making up these theories,
but really? trying to make her feel like i want her boyfriend or something is going on between the two of us while he's gone on tour for a month is probably the shittiest thing you could do to a friend. hahahahah, so i guess, you're right on par with being yourself.

seriously, get fucked.

and if you'd like to continue this, then feel free to reply.
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nothing gold can stay
23 June 2008 @ 02:15 pm
hacking into someone's livejournal and reading their private entries is creepy.
having someone report to you what they may be reading on my friends only entries, is equally creepy.

if you wanna read, just add me. i have no secrets from you.

just sayin...
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nothing gold can stay
i will try my best.

but, let me say it is all of my best friends, minus rena :(

lolCollapse )

i really can't sort through and find more, but you get the point.
i wish i had pictures of james wyatt out of control.
this weekend is going to be fucking intense.