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____n3rdyw3rdy's Journal

teh n3rd
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, 311, 80's, 89.7 the river, a new found glory, alicia, angelina jolie, anime, art, awesome, bass guitar, beauty, berries, better than you, black, black and white pictures, black hair, blink 182, blonde, blondes, bowling for soup, boys, brandon, brunette, bubble boy, cam whores, cameras, candy, caramel, catch 22, cherries, cherry pie, chocolate, color, confidence, cookies, cool, cover girl, cute, cyndi lauper, dimes, donnie darko, drums, eating, edward scissorhands, emo, emocore, equality, eyeliner, eyes, fairly odd parents, fashion, fire, flowers, french, french horn, fun, funny, gia, glam, glamorous, godsmack, goldfinger, gorgeous, green, greenday, guitar, guns n roses, hair, hardcore, hardcore rock, hawthorne heights, headbanging, horn, hot, hot sex, jake gyllenhaal, jet, jimi hendrix, kiss, kissing, krista, law and order svu, led zepplin, less than jake, lip gloss, local bands, long hair, marching band, mascara, matchbook romance, metal, money, motley crue, music, mxpx, nail polish, nofx, october sky, omaha, orange, paris hilton, photography, photos, photoshop, pictures, pink, poetry, pointy objects, pretty, pumpkin pie, punk, punk rock, pure volume, purevolume, quarters, queen, rad, radical, ramones, rancid, rating, recorder, red lipstick, rock, roller coaster tycoon, sarah, screamo, sean, sex, sex appeal, shopping, ska, sleepers, south park, stars, strawberries, sublime, sum 41, taking back sunday, talking, the distillers, the offspring, the sims, the starting line, trombone, van halen, velvet revolver, water