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____mommacorts's Journal

16 January 1988

C O R T N E Y ♥
the name is cortney. i'm a very opinionated person. i'm not a big partier, but i do smoke. i love music. three days grace, breaking benjamin, and nickelback are ©. the best movies ever are grease and breakfast at tiffany's. one of my idols is lucille ball. the other is my great-grandmother. i'm one of those dorks that loves reading. best books ever are the harry potter books. twilight is a super close second. yes, i'm one of those people. i love paranormal romance books. my favorite authors are laurell k. hamilton, rachel vincent, and kim harrison. my family means the world to me & no one will ever change that. i would do absolutely anything for them. i'm super close with both of my parents & proud of it. you can try to bring me down all you want. bigger idiots have tried & haven't succeeded.

i have two wnderful daughters. rose marie lynn is my oldest princess, she was born febuary 13th, 2003. she's loud, mouthy, and doesn't take anyone's crap. and i wouldn't have it any other way. kailynn alaina kristine is the baby princess. she was born march 29th, 2006. she's my hot headed little monster. they are both spoiled beyond belief. i'm married to a wonderful guy, rob. we've been together for 6 years, and couldn't be happier.

my lj is friends only for a reason. if you want to be added, leave me a comment. i'll either add you or i won't. don't get all pissy if i don't add you. it's probably nothing personal.

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