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Week one of freedom:

Renew cosmetology license
Spend time with parents on friday before they leave
Make pasta with my new pasta maker.

Sounds like a good plan

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Here is the rundown of my day

1. My hard drive on my Macbook crashed.. there goes all of my photos which SUCKS
2. I go to work and promptly pour a whole shit ton of tea down the front of me
3. After that I burnt myself on the soup warmer, and then a huge tray of alfredo.. my fingers are screaming.
4. My boss hits on me in THE most inappropriate way ever, I mean... sexual harrassment style.
5. I might not be able to get anything off my mac
6. I go out to eat with Jeff, then look up the nutrition facts later... 18 points!! I only get 23! FUCK

today just sucks. I might as well go to bed in order to get this day over with faster.

p.s- i'm on Jeffs laptop, and I hate it


DSCN6861, originally uploaded by lesyeuxbleu33.

This is my father in laws house.

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so a bush press conference took over my morning talk shows.. for shame.
i can't even listen to him talk, he acts like everyone is so stupid. And he talks for like 30 min about the same thing over and over again.

on another note, this paula abdul show.. weird. she seriously is crazy. she might not be on any drugs or anything, but there is a bolt loose somewhere.

on more thing. i love grape nuts and my computer... together, at the same time

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my dad told my sister not to bring her boyfriend to christmas at our house. there is a reason, i promise. mostly, this guy seems to be bad news, like really bad news. i have yet to hear from her to see if she's upset or anything. apparently she is.. but honestly, its like we can all see the bad stuff that going to happen, and she is so blinded to it.. love is blind. its just aggrivating.

anyway. i made cookie dough, and now i have some leftover. anyone want a bit of it?

does anyone from lawrence know of a good neighborhood with a lot of christmas tree lights?? i need to see some awesome decorations.


i'm done

Another Kasey Video

Another Kasey Video
"Another Kasey Video" on Google Video
this is my niece!

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comment to be added.. then i'll think about it.


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