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hi my names melissa nacy & i cant stop smacking myself :D

i'm sick.
which makes this saturday real exciting.
probably i'm not gonna lie,
this week wasn't so great.

school is annoying.
& autumn comes up all the time
& i just want to forget it
cause im not gonna waste time reminiscing & missing her
when she doesn't even try to contact me.
i like apcomp i like the work & i like mrs jordan.
& i get to talk to katie, & julia. & JEB! yeah cute people.
i like the way the class & the teacher gets along.
i'm sure you care.
afternoon definitely is the best part,
trig is basically nonstop laughter.
& then francais with the youngins. 8)love you girls =*
& then physics with the scheffster<3 & einstien :O!
drafting.. eh. i should be falling completely in love with it, right?
but i'm not. it's annoying. & i can't stand the two hours in front of it every morning.. so why would i pick a career where i'd be in front of it 24/7?
basically i want to design & open restaurants.
my mom laughed at me for that.
but then again, she thought being an architect was dumb too & now she thinks its the best idea ever.
whatever im only 16 right :]

16 & no license fuck yes <3
i should look into segment two fo'real.
i know there's people out there to take it with,
but cheerleading gets in the way.

my classes arent too hard & arent too easy,
they keep me busy in school
& dont give me much homework,

cheerleading. it's hard.
& time consuming.
but i love it more then anything.
& i work my ass off
& always try my best...
i can only hope it pays off.
i love you ladies
& i love my stunt group
& i know we can do this.
teamwork. :]

probably going to plan homecoming & not go. :]
that's the way to do it.
no boy
&.. no group of gals to go with
it's okay, no $ & i like the alternative plan. :]

yesterrrday was real fun,
with michael alan eric & matt all day.
seriously love them boys.
& thanks again, duh.
twas amazing. chouette.

tsl, fob, mcs, bno - ELEVEN DAYS. :]
probably should tell tina.
& i want to go to halloweekends @ cedar point real real bad.
end of october?!! :D
skiing on the sex train sooooon!
october 27 - back dr. :x
my hopes are way way way too high. this could be bad.

i dont want one,
but i know i need a job.
i was thinking about it & joann's would be probably amazing,
cause it's real close & i love that store, im not gonna lie. :]

i miss kristin & she better be fucking loving new york & hacing the time of her life.
i miss the picas.
i miss the elementary girls.
i miss gabriella!!!!!!!!!!!

i don't like being sick, it makes life hard
basically i screwed a lot of things up this week.
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I found this incredibly amusing. Note the usage of dante :D.
& amazing & probably & basically. & three? strange.
albeans & i were probably amused by that for five minutes.

kristin leaves for new york tonight, at 5. it's so weird.
garden ct is just going to be... different. strange. sad.

i no longer want to go back to school.
i am basically kinda being a bum these days
because i know when school starts im going to go crazy

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You knew this was coming, honestly.

01-02/ Adv Draft 1 [leahy]
03/ A/P Eng Comp [jordan]
04/ Trig [hodge]
05/ French 2 [batkins]
06/ Physics [scheff]

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cause youre not the first to say you're gonna be there for me

so im not gonna lie
these past few days have been kinda depressing.

let's see.
autumn's not going to roseville.
i basically had a breakdown.
enough of that.

um this past weekend my parents went out of town
it was fun, staying at neys.
um yeah there was some trouble
but all my parents know is i showered here lmfao
but im grounded for oh forever.
nice, my moms sane i swear.
so guess whos covering for her sister like crazy

but mom & i got along good late in the day today
for once she's been absolutely crazy lately,
crazy fights the past few days.
& she said i can PROBABLY see dante tomorrow :]
thank god. i've seen him twice since he got back from cali,
that's horrible.
i miss him so much; ughhhhh.
it's just weird because there's no real reason we weren't hanging out,
we just weren't. it's hard. but we're okay. =*

basically cheerleading this morning went really well.
the last two practices were really hard
& kinda frustrating i won't lie
but roseville pulled it together &
today was our best practice ever.
toss doubles♥!
i bit my tongue & it's swollen & hurts to eat
but it's all worth it
it's all so worth it =*

after baby brooke came over again,
that child is crazy. she seriously NEVER stops.
i swam with her & stuff. 8)
since i have no life i hung out with her two days this week. :]
go me.

stupid stupid me rescheduled my appointment to get my braces off
for september first.
so i could go to practice.
wtf was i thinking.

pointless entries are my life.
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suzie br

my milk is making me cough :[

ugh im seriously so out of it lately
my sleeping is all messed up
& im really emotional
everything is really up & down
up & down up & down
i'm driving myself crazy
with my mom with dante with just my mood
thanks michael though,
i SERIOUSLY do not know what i would do without you lately.
you basically keep me somewhat sane or something.

autumn tried talking to me today & i was sleeping.
way to blow it meliss.

cheerleading is amazing.
basically a miracle happened today
& i got my left & right libs
& started fulling from them.
i was so tired from cedar point
that i was just like, not thinking so much.
idk, whatever works. ugh so much fun.
it makes me happy.

so i went to cedar point yesterday
with gab cat flowergod roberto becky
& pam jill cait kev dannimann matt jerry
& even though ive been 3453 times,
that was probably one of the best.
we road everything except the Blue/Mean Streak.
& I'm completely in love with the Dragster
thanks to Cait. What was I thinking before?
& the MilleniumKSDDFJ OMG always my favorite.
along with the magnum. but yeah,
it was a blast. Snake River Falls saved my life.
& at night, when the whoooole group of us was running
to the Milennium, & everything around that time was completely amazing.
Thanks Gab.

so basically something is wrong with me
because even with that amazing of a day yesterday
& such an amazing practice this morning
im so out of it
i wish i had money to go blow on a shopping spree

my mom basically told me she hopes i die before i went to cedar point
& now shes acting all Mother of the Year ish again.
I don't understand her.
She did ground me though, for not calling or some shit.
Maybe if I had a cellular I would. :]
i couldn't hang out with dante today thanks to her.
that's always good, we're both finally actually in michigan
& i get grounded.
she does this everytime. sdfkla

i definitely need to talk to dante
& i dont even know where he is.
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held hands; held standards & grudges

Deej comes home tomorrow & I'm super excited. It seems like he has been gone all of July, which he basically has. I'm so excited to see him & just be able to talk to him whenever I want & hang out with him again. I hated him being gone but it definitely could've been worse. I'm lucky.

Today is the Bruske Family Reunion. Ehhhh. I love Dad's side but I just don't want to go. It's Tina's 18th though, Happy Birthday T. =*

Monday I'm going to Cedar Point w/ the Passarelli's & I'm seriously so excited. I adorrrrre that place. I want to go to Halloweekends though, a bunch of us? Oui? IDK BUT MONDAY IS GOING TO BE A BLASTTTT <333.

I'm missing the first tumbling session for cheerleading, but that's okay. I'll go to another OpenGym or something. But Cheerleading is amazing & I'm completely in love with it. I'm getting closer to everyone so that's good. Sometimes I feel so seperated but I'm getting over that. & Practice yesterday, I just looooooved how everyone just worked together & idk, got along. It was like a tight little circle. I love you ladies. =*
I definitely need to push out my flying. Yeah I've improved, but I've got a long way to go. I'll get there. iwilliwilliwilliwillll

I've been a bum this week. When I got home from camp I seriously slept for like 24 hours no joke. & then I hung out with my sister because I seriously missed her like crazy at camp, it made me like homesick slkdfj. Thursdayy I was an employee of Kristin's garage sale "Buy my shit Buy my shitt.. y a r d s a l e. :]" & Friday I had practice, fought with my parents all day, & then went for an ice cream run with Michael. !! :D We're definitely doing that more often.

My parents are retarded. I don't understand how my... peers. what a stupid word. But how everyone in school & such can think I'm like this complete goodygoody... & then my parents have no trust in me at all. It's just retarded. They piss me off when they think I'm like the worst kid ever. ksdfjlFJ. Whatever, all I know is I need to find somewhere to stay the 5-7 because Kristin's isn't happening. & I know if I try just waiting til the last minute so "i have to go there" they'll ship me off to grandmas. I love my grandma I really do shes my best friend, but her smoky apartment for a whole weekend... Idk man. SLKDFJS Bern & I shall talk to Uncle Bob & aunt Michelle. <3

I talked to Kristin about Panera & she said her friend worked there & they didn't work around peoples schedules. Uh, with cheerleading & everything else that would definitely be an issue.

I'm not gonna lie, I'm excited for school to start. I can't believe July is almost over, It doesn't feel like it but Summer really is flying by. But school is going to be amazing. I'm going to focus & do good in school, not slack like last year. None of that. & FOOTBALL SEASON<333. I loooove it, I can't wait. Idk it's going to be an amazing year, with cheer & stuass & friends & deej & ugh. :]

I get my braces off in 10 days! :DDD
I need to talk to Autumn !?!
My back hurts reallly bad. Maybe I'm just growing a lot?
I want to go school shopping.
& go to Target.
There is absolutely no food in this house & it's driving me crazy.
i miss the treeOOO & the F4.
we all need to hang out soon?

enough crap update. ♥
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so tomorrow i leave for cheerleading camp :]
im pretty excited.
The only thing I’m a little worried about is rooming, but it will be okay.
I mean theres not anyone I would be upset if I got stuck with :D
I love all them girls but I definitely need to get closer to most of them.
Oh and the fact that my clothes are huge. It’s horrifying.
So mom tries to shrink them and puts them in with towels and now theyre big and linty YAY. Heh. Its easy to take in the shoulder but will she NOOOOOPE. Slkdfja

at the beginning of this week i was definitely not looking forward to practice,
but they went so much better then i thought.
The first day I was with Si, Chels, & Heather,
& I fulled from elevators & extensions. :]
I was super proud of myself.
Considering I didn’t do that all last year.
By yesterday I had a solid Lib with Jaimi, Che, & Alew,
Even with one arm letting go & stuff.
We’re gonna get one man REAAAALLL SOOON.
I can’t believe how much progress I’ve made in four days
Last season I couldn’t fly to save my life & now, idk, I get it.
Pull up push off big toe ya knooow
I enjoy it now! Its incredible
I’m pumped for this season & this year & I love those girls.
& Seriously, thank you everyone who believes/d in me.
It means the world to me. Gab & Als & Moons, duh.. you guys are amazing.
Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t even believe in myself.

Dante is in Cali & I miss him like crazy. It’s annoying, I can’t even talk to him.
My parents decided to ground me the first two days he was home from that dumb boat.
But I spent Sunday & Monday with him. :] Definitely a blast.
RedRobin<3 & Kicking&Screaming.
& raaaainnnn yyaayyy.
Ugh I just want him to come home.
6:33 7/31 his plane comes in. he’s coming to see me..
I can’t wait. I love & miss you deej.
Because we’re going to cedar point the next morning. :]

When I get back from camp the treeOOO needs to hang out,
& also I need to hang out with MichaAEl.

I need to find something to do today.
My mom wouldn’t drive me to the movies.
Me & Bern are supposedly lazy. Mmmhmm.
Her mood swings are getting out of control.
& her and dad have gotten along for over a week now?
Also annoying, because mom will yell about something stupid,
& now he backs her up. Pisses me off.
They should divorceeeeeeeeee ksdjfl;!

I’m super sore I hope it goes away by tomorrow.
I need to go get Propel. :D
I want my license.
I’m really hungry.
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tuesday jamie came over,
we slept in the basement.
yeah we're exciting fo'sho.

wednesday went to the ortho
we were gonna ride our bikes because mom hates us
but dad felt bad :D
went home, layed out, got ready..
& then rode our bikes to brooke's birthday
@ macomb mall.
that was exciting i love my cousins.
seen the pacifer or whatever its called
it was cute.
& then biked home.
got bored,
went to 7-11 & then jo-ann
& bought boxes
lmfao, painted them?
my sister & i are kool

thursday i went & seen
War of the Worlds
w/ Troy & Scott.
Thanks for everything Troy :] :]
It was a good movie,
Scott was late so Troy & i ran around empty theaters.
Lmfao that was so much fun.
Um, after we went to BigBoys.
I got in trouble because my mom doesn't like picking up her phone.
So I was grounded yesterday, & today.

Yesterday Bern & I biked everywhere.
Kamie's house, they weren't there.
So we just walked in & left a message on her computer. :]
Taco Belll, & then dropped Bern off @ tanning
& went to DJ's. Talked to him for like 20 minutes.
God I missed him so muchhhh. =*
Bern picked me up, we went to WaldenBooks,
I got books for APCOMP. frederik, lucky, & some bad girl book lmfao.
Sallys. & went in Panera, they'll have apps next week.
I want to work there oh so baddddddddd.

Today was suppose to be a Block Party,
but no ones sure thanks to the weather.
Tomorrow & Monday I'm with Deej. :]
Practice all next week!

Mom's still drunk this morning from last night.
It's kinda amusing I guess.
She's selfish & stupid. :]

i want to go to a concert.
i want green nail polish.
i want to not be burned.
burn + brace = OW.
i want round two.
i want to take pictures of my friends. :]

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