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 The last few 11:11's I've been looking away until it's 11:12, so then I can say "awee damn, I missed it!" rather than being disappointed when the wish I would have made doesn't come true.

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Things are so different now, 
I hope you're okay.
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and it was up, up and away

I feel like one of these again.

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The one when you told me you loved me forever.

I had a dream and I was on a tropical island. 
Me, my mom, my dog and my sister were all on the beach and me and my dog decided to go for a swim in the water a little further down the beach than where my mom and my sister were. The waves started getting really really big and I was drowning. People started yelling at me and my dog to get out of the water, so we started climbling the beach(it was a very very very steep beach.) The waves kept crushing me and my dog and we couldn't get to the top of the beach where everyone was staring down at us from.

Finally, we got to the top and we looked back and the water was really really wavy. Suddenly the waves went away and everyone went quiet and just stared. We stared for so long. And then, in the distance we saw a huge, huge, HUGE, wave coming. Everyone stared for a while longer until it finally sunk in that it was a huge wave that was coming straight for us. Everyone started to run and for some reason there was a gate around the whole beach and only a tiny entrance to get out. Me and my dog were so far from it but we started to run full speed for it.  My dog slid down the beach (because it was very steep) and I ran down the beach to go get her. The wave was so close, but somehow we managed to run back up the beach and out the gate. 

The whole town was abandoned when we got there and me and my dog couldn't find my mom and sister. We started banging on doors to let us in but no one would. For some reason the wave still hadn't hit but we knew it was going to any second. We decided to just run, and keep running. While we were running this metal wall opened up and these guys grabbed us and brought us inside. They said we'd be safe in there.

I looked at the door that they dragged us into and I started to see water leaking into the room from under it. I started to panick because I thought the room was going to fill up with water. After a few minutes we were in knee high water. It was so scary. After more time I couldn't touch the floor anymore and I had to swim to stay up. I couldn't find my dog and I was so sad...Then the water went over my head and I couldn't breathe. 

Then I woke up and I was so sweaty. It was the scariest dream I've ever had..
I'm sorry it was so long, I just wanted to share that with you guys.

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