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you might want to sing it not for not, so don't worry, be happy

HEY. i'm updating. weird.

so it's always weeks before i post again. i wonder why that is? i think i'm just really lazy. tha'ts probably it.

my life really isn't that interesting. uhm. Heather and i went to the fair a week and a half ago ish. it was such a glamorous time. we're awesome.

my great grandfather died last week. i went to his funeral in Connecticut. and i went to mass. i hadn't been since i was about 8. it was really.... interesting. i don't really know how else to explain it. it's a lot of (as my mom put it) "stand up, sit down, kneel, kneel, kneel."

yesterday Heather and i went to the mall. i bought two shirts and some undies. you can never have enough underwear. i really love buying it, and i am not sure why. but oh well. because, it's a good time. and yeah.

today, George and i hung out. we went to Pad Thai for lunch. then we rented Thank You For Smoking, and The Libertine. Thank You For Smoking was really quite funny. i would see it again. The Libertine was so weird. there was so much sex and nakedness. and he wrote a play about dildos and sex. it was hilarious but weird at the same time. i'm actually not quite sure how i feel about it yet.

i'm really excited for this week. we're having our own spirit week. because they did it last week, but it didn't make sense because homecoming is this week. so, the seniors decided that we're doing our own. and Thursday is superhero day. i can't wait! it will be a good time, and everyone knows it.

that is all. have a wonderful day! (or night!) :]
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